Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Great Scott!

You know what I haven't seen in a while....

Back to the Future, that's what. Usually it airs somewhere between 50-52 times a year (aka once a week, or thereabouts), but alas, it is no where to be found as of late. Any of the 3 will do - seriously, although I have a special place in my heart for both #2 and 3 - I especially like the hoverboards. Why don't we have those yet? I thought we were suppose to be almost to the flying car stage by now. Hmmmm.

As Cam says - these movies are so near and dear to Canadians hearts that they issue us a copy of each when we are born. Alright, he doesn't quite say it that way, but you get the picture.

So seriously - what do you say Cam, Macleod, Nickler etc.... - shall we have a marathon when you get home?

PS - I still love that darn Delorian!

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Anonymous said...

Clearly, the BTF movies are the pinnacle of humanity. It is always hard to figure out which one is the best. That is the second hardest question I have ever been asked, the hardest being "Who do you hate more, the Oilers or the Canucks?" Still haven't answered that one.

Back to BTF, I think the first two are a bit better than the third. The third is still a quality flick, but for some reason I still prefer the first two. I think the first just b/c it is the first and it has all the intros to all the characters and the ideas and the cars and the Johnny B Goode scene. The second becasue they go both forward and backwards.

One thing that I have always been meaning to check out and never have -- in the second one, when Marty is at the Under the Sea dance watching himself play the guitar, he lowers some sandbags onto the bad guys heads, knocking them out. Then, when Marty #1 is done playing the guitar and is walking off the stage, he sees the bad guys, gets confused, and steps over them. My question is in the first one, do they show these bad guys? Does Marty step over them in the first one? I guess I had better go watch them right now.

Sorry about the long rambling post, but it is hard to be consise when discussing BTF.