Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh My GAWD! - Becky look at her ...... DEGREE

HAHAHAHAHA - I am finished, fini, finito.....

Seriously though, I handed in my final SPAN 571 and SPAN 505 paper, returned my last library book - and as I walked out of Craigie Hall for the last time I took note of my suroundings, the way the air felt, the trees around me, the blue of the sky..... how freakin' awesome I felt leaving that god foresaken hole of a building (aka Craigie). AH, to be free - a Lady of Leisure if you will.

I feel bad that some of my amigas (and amigos (novio?) too - you know who you are) are still in the throws of final exam week - I'm thinking of you all and sending out my good vibes for you! But it does feel darn good to be finished.

To all who care to rejoice in their new found freedom- or for those of you who need a blessed break from the stress of finals - Party this saturday!

Wondering what the pic is in reference to? I just thought it looked good - darn good!

GO FLAMES GO! (Lincy I just love your idea - I like my Duck FLAMMIN')

PS - To all mis amigos (et mes amis) in Europe and elsewhere - miss you lots! I hope that everything is going well.....

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