Sunday, April 2, 2006

My own Mother

Last night my mom came over to my current housitting locale and as she isn't uber technologically inclined I had to explain what a blog is and show it to her so she could read all about her crazy daughter. Upon reading the posting about my potencial carreer choices and she proceeded to break out in hysterics. Honestly, she laughed so hard I thought she was going to stop breathing. Her explanation as to what exactly was so hilarious -
"well when your job description is written down like that in black and white (refering to the "I help people pick out glasses" part) - it just looks so stupid! Why don't you go to safeway, become a personal shopper and help people pick out lettuce!" Her exact words!

Then when I asked her about what she thought of all my options she said (you guessed it!) - "I think you need more options!"

All the while laughing - she thought I underestimated my abilites at work, that's all. She wants me to emphasize that it is a real job and not a quasi-job as I have previously described it.

Ah, my mother - she's awesome! (really, she is - I'm not joking about that)

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