Saturday, April 15, 2006

More free dinner

AHHH, just back from a lovely with the Mr and Mrs B - in one word it was "delish". I got to dress up again, put on my pretty new skirt and my fun jewelry and dine in a charming and cozy atmosphere. Can't get better than that can ya?
So I'm in the middle of my huge 15 pager SPAN 505 essay - right now I'm on page 6 - uhhhh - and I am very sick of writing it. It's not really that hard it's just very monotinous, blah, blah, blah. Hopefully I can finish it off before I go to bed, that way I can start to study for my 505 final exam (advanced spanish grammar - ouch!) on tuesday..... We'll see how it goes

In the meantime, you know what I want to do right now?

Read trashy historic romance novels that's what. Now, I can justify it - give me a chance before you write me off as a lunatic. I figure that during the academic year I have to tailor my reading to that of academic merit - not really that fun. Thus during my downtime I think I am entitled to a little bit of fun, not to mention that I am a hopeless romantic (no kidding!) I am convinced that perhaps I was born in the wrong century - seriously. Don't get me wrong I love the modern conveniences of today's world, my second cup crème brûlée ristretto, a hot shower, cars etc. But there's a part of me that LOVES the idea of brawny society men who act very gentlemen like and /or are scottish warriors (they're my fav). I also like to thought of tooling around on horseback and taking tea in the salon - or wearing really intricate beautiful dresses, with really fun long hair. But I digress, there is no way in which to travel back in time, and I certainly don't think that this kind of man still exists - did they ever - or just in my romance novels...

Anyhoo - I'll just have to settle for watching period romantic films and reading my trashy novels.... too bad I have soo much work to do, otherwise that's what I would be doing right now - it'll have to wait until tuesday night.

I can hardly wait....

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