Thursday, August 31, 2006

I spoke too soon

I swear 2 hours after the cable dude left my internet went down - for the whole bloddy night! You can't imagine the frustration (unless you're Heather of course)

Anyways life goes on and thus I am still here. Tonight, night of all nights, is a sort-of Grey's Anatomy marathon, well actually it's 2 episodes in a row. I'll take it! But yes, I am watching my marathon sipping a white hot and eating west jet cookies, mmmmm- after my dinner of yummy yummy vietnamese, this is the end to a very nice and relaxing night!

Oh, PS there is a women at work whom I have now dubbed "dragon lady". On the first day I worked with her she was telling me that she is "very abrupt" and that it doens't mean anything...then she proceeds to tell me that she makes people cry and she "doesn't understand why..." oh, my, god, I work next to the dragon lady. Today after I full on asked someone how to do somehting and proceeded to do that to a "t" I might add - she beraded me in front of the whole office - I had to shut her down though. I can't suffer that humiliation..... I told her that "I was told to ignore it as it was her job!"

Hahahaha, take that dragon lady - Ronnalie you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Great Service!

Wow - the shaw guy came today and helped me with my internet / tv connections. The service was so great that it pretty much makes up for the fact that the actual feed into the apartment has been crap since we moved in. In fact the guy (I didn't even get his name) was soo nice that we had a fabulous conversation about travelling and languages. Also, he fixed my computer - and made it so that the computer recognizes the modem. Wow, I am just blown away with the service.

Earlier was not the best - I spent almost 1 1/2 in traffic. I left work early to get home for the cable guy, and I was 1/2 hour late - every road had construction / stalled vehicles. I was so fed up that I admit my road rage was showing. I even yelled at a guy - albeit it was in french and I'm sure he didn't understand, but it made me feel better!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A lovely evening

a summary of my evening/day...
a) went to work - all was well, did lots of entering and lots of asking cool land admin assignment from my boss (he's great!)
b) saw Cam's office - nice - had a great earl grey latte with him, bought newest OK magazine and some yummy scottish toffee....mmmm
c) walked home from eau claire in the heat with a velvet blazer on - not so smart
d) picked up the BSD bitches' and went for some drinks at OJ's
e) drank some gin and ginger on the way to OJ's (from a perrier bottle - how classy indeed!)
f) had more drinks at OJ's - too many in fact
g) remembered why I enjoy drinking so much
h) walked home in a drunken state
i) vegged on the couch whilst watching teeny bopper drama on family network
j) took drunken shower
k) wrote a very ridiculous blog entry whilst still tipsy... evening summed up.....
All in all it was nice to chill with the girls - I miss it quite a bit.
Now it's time for bed - work @ 8:30 and I should be somewhat alert.

Monday, August 28, 2006

David Blaine

Holy crap - he is amazing - I have been watching him all night, he just pulled a chicken's head off and re-attached it. Among other things he's been reading people's minds, and pulling card tricks, even levitating - he even guessed MY card!

I can't even comprend the level that he operates on. Oh my god - I am beyond amazed.

Oh, and for all of you who read thursday's post and think that it was Cam that emailed me - it was not.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another move?

Today was no better. I decided to wear some nice heels to work to lift my spirits - it backfired. The now infamous Steve noticed I had worn heels and asked why - my response (aimed at making him feel badly for his previous day's comments) was "They make my legs look skinnier" .....his response..."No they don't!"

I know he was joking and I realize that I shouldn't be so offended, his intentions were not malicious, but really this past week has sucked, almost everthing that happened made me feel like s**t.

I need a change, a big change - calgary just isn't doing it for me anymore. I am seriously considering enlisting again - I've got my degree, I can enter as an officer, and perhaps I will be stationed in europe somewhere. I'm definately feeling the europe vibe right now - and doesn't Lt. Spencer have a nice ring to it? I sure think so.

I've always had a feeling that the military was for me - a fascination if you will. I am often times drawn towards all things military. But, it will take time to sort it all out, I won't make any rash decisions - I promise... and I'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Moving day

well it was moving day at the office, my part was quite easy, I didn't have a whole desk load to move as I have only been working there for 1 week. I did however sit in my new chair, position my 2 computer screens and my phone and rearrange the file folder holder thingy on my desk - oh and help everyone else move - did you think I just sat there and watched while everyone else lugged their stuff up/down the stairs??? I'm not that mean....

After work I came home ate dinner, had a shower, cleaned my house a bit, and watched tv while I waiting for my "date" to show up - he hasn't and I think I have officially been stood up - wow, today is sooo much better than yesterday....

What I learned about myself today......

Today was just awful - awful! It started out quite well, good hair, a great starbucks caramel macchiato, then somewhere womehow it turned terribly terribly wrong.
First I got a very hateful email from a certain someone whom I will not share the name - let's just say it was not very flattering and I don't think I quite deserved it. Afterwards I had almost eveyone in my new office ask me questions about myself. Which in itself isn't too bad, they do need to get to know me as I will be working with them for quite some time. However it was the nature of the questions that really wasn't all that fun - but I'm sure they didn't intend it to be that way. Anyways, almsot everyone asked me the dreaded "do you have a boyfriend?" question. Why? Why? Why does this matter??????? Plus their reactions didn't help - they basically told me not to worry that I would find someone. After that email this was not the thing to be asking me. Furthermore my lunch leaked a bit and made a mess in my lunch kit - gross!

So the day progressed, I finished job #1 and drove to job #2. The traffic was not so bad and I thought my day was getting better. I was sooooo wrong!!! the worst was yet to come. I arrived at work and was putting my purse in the lunch room where Dr.M was eating her dinner and staring at me in a weird way. After I told her about the gorgeous 1965 red mustang convertible with the 3 really cute guys in it she proceeded to ask me in a very quiet and sympathetic voice if
"Linda - did you break off your engagement?"
to which I replied (a little stunned) - "Well, sort of yes"
and she said "Are you okay?"
and I said rather quickly, "No, I'm not, but that doesn't really matter... " (what the hell else was I suppose to say????)
and she replied - "I'm really sorry to bring it up..." which I thought to myself - well then why the hell did you?
and I promptly left the room.

Fighting the overwhelming urge to break into a fit of sobs at work I resumed the duties of an optometric assistant and continued on with my shift. Then in conversation with Steve, who is a guy I work with, I mentioned the nasty email I received that morning and he replied (his exact words I swear!)

"Well, maybe he just dates skinny girls!"

HMMMMM - then he proceeded to stick his foot further into his mouth and insulted me a bit more - now I know he wasn't TRYING to be mean or malicious, it just sounded that way.
After listening to his tyrade and after closing my mouth, which had dropped to the floor with his comment, I suggested that he replace the word skinny with something else as it was what was insulting, he replies

"well Linda you are an attractive girl" - getting better - however, his next comment was not a good follow up.... he said and I quote "I guess you are average"

If there was ever a day in which transpired made me want to slit my wrists - it would be this day. Now I am sitting here watching sad and terrible music videos after missing almost the whole episode of Grey's Anatomy and feeling quite sad with myself.

Let's recap shall we...I learned that I am a) not very nice (according to the email), b) a pathetic loser without a boyfriend c) also sad and pitiful because my 10 year relationship / engagement has fallen apart and finally d) average and not skinny

Why don't I drink more? I desperately need to start I think.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

more and more

I had to wear my glasses today at work - starring at the computer for 8 hours a day is not so good for my eyeballs....after monday I felt like my eyes were going to fall out.
But as for the hour long lunch hours I am LOVING it - today I got loads of errands finished, and I got to eat the leftovers from my italian dinner last night (the morrocan restaurant was closed so we went to La Viena).
After I got off work this afternoon I had to race over to my other job, for a further 3 hours of work. AHHHH, it reminds me of my days in university - 2 jobs. It wasn't really that bad, in fact I felt quite refreshed upon arriving at job #2 - plus I got a $25 gift certificate from our Complete rep! - I think I might get someone to buy me H& M from Montreal the next time she is in I am home drinking my earl grey tea misto that I made with my fancy coffee espresso machine (well, actually Heather's) and watching JAG in my pj's.....tomorrow - laundry and thursday is basically a repeat of tonight but with fireworks instead of JAG.

Monday, August 21, 2006

First day

Well my first day went well. First thing this a.m. I was asked to read a writeup on the Alberta Land Titles office and it's procedures and history. Afterwards I had to take a test to see if I am able to remember things and also tosee if I am worthy of working in the office- which I am, in fact I'm pleased to report that I did quite well on my test! Anyhoo the rest of the day also went well, I learned all sorts of things about mortgages, and even had a nice 1 hour lunch. However, the drive home was ridiculous. I have officially decided that I really really disagree with driving home in rush hour - the c-train is going to be my mode of transport as much as possible.

The really really crazy (and honestly - very scary) thing is that my boss' wife, who also works in the office was asking me about someone I took spanish classes with. She asked me if I remembered a guy named David (last name omitted) - she described him as "mousy". I was racking my brain to think of the person she was refering to. I said to her I wasn't quite sure who it was, to which she replies "Well he sure remembers you!". Apparently he was staking out her house as the BBQ guests arrived - and of course saw me as I exited my car. Then when he was chatting with her about the incident Sally replied that I was new to the company. Anyhoo, it suddenly donned on me that it wasn't "David" that she was talking about, but rather "Steve" as in "Creepy Steve" - HOLY CRAP!!!!! - my stalker is her neighbour!

Naturally I was really shocked and told her the whole story about him stalking me, changing his major to mine etc etc etc - she promised to tell him that I no longer worked for her company and she doens't know where I am -

Phew! that was close.

Maybe tomorrow will be not so shocking - now I'm off to experience the lovely cuisine of the local Morrocan restaurant near chez moi! Adios!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

AHHH Brenda and Dylan

So in order to replace my BBC Canada's Footballers wives (I don't have Bell Express Vu) I seem to be addicted to TVtropolis. This morning whilst cleaning up my "flat" I watched with trepidation as Brenda went through a pregnancy scare (wow! - quite scary indeed) and then proceeded to breakup with Dylan... really tragic. I know I was pretty upset - it's really too bad. Perhaps next week I'll find out that they get together.

Now, before you start to remind me as to what really happens, I'll stop you right there...back when we were all little elementary kids and glued to the tv when the gang was on - I was out playing cops and robbers. That's right! I never watched this show, nor did I love the NKOTB - I'm just playing catch up now!

Finally....a Post

What a month.....first of all I finished my last week of fulltime at SHEC , and on monday I start my brand spankin' new job....well I am a bit worried because I have no clue what the hell I am doing but what the hey - I'll give it a try....

Monday was super awesome, I had my first roadtrip in my car - to Drumheller! I saw the hoodoos and the giant T-Rex, spent a lovely afternoon in KQ's garden and had a really yummy dinner with the family - hilarious day!

Tuesday was okay, nothing much to note, except the fact that I purchased 6 dozen roses, hey at $5 a dozen wouldn't you? I gave 1 dozen to each Mrs. B and my mom and saved the rest for my place, plus it was a nice touch for Heather's special day...

It was Heather's 22nd Birthday this week - and I did what any good roomy would do - I made her breakfast in bed (her mom wasn't here to do the job) and then I had the most delicious dinner at her father's house - honestly, I have never had a real dinenr party with proper courses, 5 of them to be exact...and wow, it was spectacular.

Anyhoo then it was a pretty ho hum thursday at work- afterwards I spent a great evening with Eleni and Denise, wicked shopping at the cutest store by 12th street called Honey B's (it is like they emptied my brain of all my lovely ideas and created a store out of it) followed by some ultra delicious pita pit, and get this - we shared a crave cupcake 3 ways because some crazy person bought all but one cupcake at the store - who does that I ask you? WHO?
I recieved some really lovely housewarming gifts, a gorgeous lily plant and a great decorating book... (entitled Royal Palaces of Britain) afterwards my evening was marked with some really awesome Grey's Anatomy season 1 action. AHHHH - Dr. McDreamy

Friday was lovely, it was my mom's birthday, she's 25! So I took her out for an evening in Kensington - dinner and some gelato - plus more dinner next monday - I love to spoil her!
Saturday was a boring day at work - not so much fun but I was invited to a BBQ at my new boss' house - and it was catered! mmmmmmm, it was really really delicious.

Anyways that was my week, next week I was thinking of perhaps having a gathering of sorts - maybe friday or saturday, a housewarming perhaps - does this work for you guys? drop me an email to let me know......

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Holy Jesus!!!

In the last 2 days I have seen....2 mustangs (I believe they were 1966 and 1968), one convertible one hardtop, a bear driving a car (well, he was wearing a bear suit!) a girl with wings, and get this today I saw a man with a snake just casually chillin' outside a store....and I swear the snake was eyeing my up, perhaps I looked raher tasty.....anyhoo, the point of this is that it has been a rather bizzare 2 days together with my marathon shopping trip to find a certain someone a b-day prez anddthe lovely dinner I had at Ikea with Denise and I am exhausted.
Tomorrow I have a Dr.'s appt where I will most likely learn that I have some huge problem with my thyroid (aka my meds are not working) and that is why I a) can't wake up in the a.m., b) am ALWAYS (and I mean always) cold, even when others are sweatin' up a storm, and finally c) there is a reason why I have huge bruises all over my body (unless Heather beats me up in my sleep). Anyways I shall keep you posted in case I do have something terribly wrong.....let's hope not!

Monday, August 7, 2006

The Bolivers

SO I'm housesitting right now, it's going well but I am sooo addicted to BBC Canada, which means that I am currently in the "know" of footballers wives... I think I should be a footballers wife - I wouldn't be all bitchy and evil like some of them, but more like Posh, glamorous (I'd try) and aloof....hmmm I think I'd have to move to the UK or europe to find my footballer however.....

Anyhoo, back to the Bolivers (the kitties) and my BBC Canada....

Saturday, August 5, 2006

If only!

So I just found out that the home that my dad grew up in is for sale - actually it's quite nice - too bad I don't have 2.2 mil to buy it!

Perhaps I'll play the 6 49 tomorrow!

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Oooh I almost forgot

I think miss Hez and I should have a joint graduation / got a new apartment / got a new car / got a new job / birthday party - most of you (hahahaha) are invited so I'll keep you posted as to when it may happen.

Drinks will be the order of the day (my new hobby p.s.) so feel free to bring some stuff to create those aforementioned drinks. I promise to try all your concoctions - as long as I'm still standing...

What to do....

So the last week has been interesting - no real internet for the most part. We had a small problem with the connection and then miraculously it started up again.....

In other news - nothing, seriously - oooh except for the fact that I got a new job.... so I should be getting some more moolah and perhaps that means that Heather and I can have a really great espresso machine - more all that nice starbucks coffee we will be having around the house.