Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally....a Post

What a month.....first of all I finished my last week of fulltime at SHEC , and on monday I start my brand spankin' new job....well I am a bit worried because I have no clue what the hell I am doing but what the hey - I'll give it a try....

Monday was super awesome, I had my first roadtrip in my car - to Drumheller! I saw the hoodoos and the giant T-Rex, spent a lovely afternoon in KQ's garden and had a really yummy dinner with the family - hilarious day!

Tuesday was okay, nothing much to note, except the fact that I purchased 6 dozen roses, hey at $5 a dozen wouldn't you? I gave 1 dozen to each Mrs. B and my mom and saved the rest for my place, plus it was a nice touch for Heather's special day...

It was Heather's 22nd Birthday this week - and I did what any good roomy would do - I made her breakfast in bed (her mom wasn't here to do the job) and then I had the most delicious dinner at her father's house - honestly, I have never had a real dinenr party with proper courses, 5 of them to be exact...and wow, it was spectacular.

Anyhoo then it was a pretty ho hum thursday at work- afterwards I spent a great evening with Eleni and Denise, wicked shopping at the cutest store by 12th street called Honey B's (it is like they emptied my brain of all my lovely ideas and created a store out of it) followed by some ultra delicious pita pit, and get this - we shared a crave cupcake 3 ways because some crazy person bought all but one cupcake at the store - who does that I ask you? WHO?
I recieved some really lovely housewarming gifts, a gorgeous lily plant and a great decorating book... (entitled Royal Palaces of Britain) afterwards my evening was marked with some really awesome Grey's Anatomy season 1 action. AHHHH - Dr. McDreamy

Friday was lovely, it was my mom's birthday, she's 25! So I took her out for an evening in Kensington - dinner and some gelato - plus more dinner next monday - I love to spoil her!
Saturday was a boring day at work - not so much fun but I was invited to a BBQ at my new boss' house - and it was catered! mmmmmmm, it was really really delicious.

Anyways that was my week, next week I was thinking of perhaps having a gathering of sorts - maybe friday or saturday, a housewarming perhaps - does this work for you guys? drop me an email to let me know......

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