Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A lovely evening

a summary of my evening/day...
a) went to work - all was well, did lots of entering and lots of asking questions.....got cool land admin assignment from my boss (he's great!)
b) saw Cam's office - nice - had a great earl grey latte with him, bought newest OK magazine and some yummy scottish toffee....mmmm
c) walked home from eau claire in the heat with a velvet blazer on - not so smart
d) picked up the BSD bitches' and went for some drinks at OJ's
e) drank some gin and ginger on the way to OJ's (from a perrier bottle - how classy indeed!)
f) had more drinks at OJ's - too many in fact
g) remembered why I enjoy drinking so much
h) walked home in a drunken state
i) vegged on the couch whilst watching teeny bopper drama on family network
j) took drunken shower
k) wrote a very ridiculous blog entry whilst still tipsy...
......my evening summed up.....
All in all it was nice to chill with the girls - I miss it quite a bit.
Now it's time for bed - work @ 8:30 and I should be somewhat alert.


Bogg said...

Drunken blog posting is where it's at. For that matter, drunken emailing, drunken phone calls, and drunken ringing-of-friends'-buzzers-at-3am is also where it's at.

Anonymous said...

Ammendment to Linda's blog, entitled "A lovely evening"

L) snuzzled with KQ

M) passed right on out


Linda said...

very true - thank you for reminding me Miss KQ!