Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Holy Jesus!!!

In the last 2 days I have seen....2 mustangs (I believe they were 1966 and 1968), one convertible one hardtop, a bear driving a car (well, he was wearing a bear suit!) a girl with wings, and get this today I saw a man with a snake just casually chillin' outside a store....and I swear the snake was eyeing my up, perhaps I looked raher tasty.....anyhoo, the point of this is that it has been a rather bizzare 2 days together with my marathon shopping trip to find a certain someone a b-day prez anddthe lovely dinner I had at Ikea with Denise and I am exhausted.
Tomorrow I have a Dr.'s appt where I will most likely learn that I have some huge problem with my thyroid (aka my meds are not working) and that is why I a) can't wake up in the a.m., b) am ALWAYS (and I mean always) cold, even when others are sweatin' up a storm, and finally c) there is a reason why I have huge bruises all over my body (unless Heather beats me up in my sleep). Anyways I shall keep you posted in case I do have something terribly wrong.....let's hope not!

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