Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another move?

Today was no better. I decided to wear some nice heels to work to lift my spirits - it backfired. The now infamous Steve noticed I had worn heels and asked why - my response (aimed at making him feel badly for his previous day's comments) was "They make my legs look skinnier" .....his response..."No they don't!"

I know he was joking and I realize that I shouldn't be so offended, his intentions were not malicious, but really this past week has sucked, almost everthing that happened made me feel like s**t.

I need a change, a big change - calgary just isn't doing it for me anymore. I am seriously considering enlisting again - I've got my degree, I can enter as an officer, and perhaps I will be stationed in europe somewhere. I'm definately feeling the europe vibe right now - and doesn't Lt. Spencer have a nice ring to it? I sure think so.

I've always had a feeling that the military was for me - a fascination if you will. I am often times drawn towards all things military. But, it will take time to sort it all out, I won't make any rash decisions - I promise... and I'll keep you posted.

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