Monday, August 21, 2006

First day

Well my first day went well. First thing this a.m. I was asked to read a writeup on the Alberta Land Titles office and it's procedures and history. Afterwards I had to take a test to see if I am able to remember things and also tosee if I am worthy of working in the office- which I am, in fact I'm pleased to report that I did quite well on my test! Anyhoo the rest of the day also went well, I learned all sorts of things about mortgages, and even had a nice 1 hour lunch. However, the drive home was ridiculous. I have officially decided that I really really disagree with driving home in rush hour - the c-train is going to be my mode of transport as much as possible.

The really really crazy (and honestly - very scary) thing is that my boss' wife, who also works in the office was asking me about someone I took spanish classes with. She asked me if I remembered a guy named David (last name omitted) - she described him as "mousy". I was racking my brain to think of the person she was refering to. I said to her I wasn't quite sure who it was, to which she replies "Well he sure remembers you!". Apparently he was staking out her house as the BBQ guests arrived - and of course saw me as I exited my car. Then when he was chatting with her about the incident Sally replied that I was new to the company. Anyhoo, it suddenly donned on me that it wasn't "David" that she was talking about, but rather "Steve" as in "Creepy Steve" - HOLY CRAP!!!!! - my stalker is her neighbour!

Naturally I was really shocked and told her the whole story about him stalking me, changing his major to mine etc etc etc - she promised to tell him that I no longer worked for her company and she doens't know where I am -

Phew! that was close.

Maybe tomorrow will be not so shocking - now I'm off to experience the lovely cuisine of the local Morrocan restaurant near chez moi! Adios!

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Heather said...

I'm glad it went well...

and yes, creepy steve is very very creepy