Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Great Service!

Wow - the shaw guy came today and helped me with my internet / tv connections. The service was so great that it pretty much makes up for the fact that the actual feed into the apartment has been crap since we moved in. In fact the guy (I didn't even get his name) was soo nice that we had a fabulous conversation about travelling and languages. Also, he fixed my computer - and made it so that the computer recognizes the modem. Wow, I am just blown away with the service.

Earlier was not the best - I spent almost 1 1/2 in traffic. I left work early to get home for the cable guy, and I was 1/2 hour late - every road had construction / stalled vehicles. I was so fed up that I admit my road rage was showing. I even yelled at a guy - albeit it was in french and I'm sure he didn't understand, but it made me feel better!

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