Thursday, August 31, 2006

I spoke too soon

I swear 2 hours after the cable dude left my internet went down - for the whole bloddy night! You can't imagine the frustration (unless you're Heather of course)

Anyways life goes on and thus I am still here. Tonight, night of all nights, is a sort-of Grey's Anatomy marathon, well actually it's 2 episodes in a row. I'll take it! But yes, I am watching my marathon sipping a white hot and eating west jet cookies, mmmmm- after my dinner of yummy yummy vietnamese, this is the end to a very nice and relaxing night!

Oh, PS there is a women at work whom I have now dubbed "dragon lady". On the first day I worked with her she was telling me that she is "very abrupt" and that it doens't mean anything...then she proceeds to tell me that she makes people cry and she "doesn't understand why..." oh, my, god, I work next to the dragon lady. Today after I full on asked someone how to do somehting and proceeded to do that to a "t" I might add - she beraded me in front of the whole office - I had to shut her down though. I can't suffer that humiliation..... I told her that "I was told to ignore it as it was her job!"

Hahahaha, take that dragon lady - Ronnalie you know what I'm talkin' 'bout!


Heather said...

Did the internet get fixed? Are they coming back? What the crap!

Linda said...

haven't called back yet - need to see your schedule first. Internet WAS working, he changed the spliters on the roof, all of the cable he could and even our splitter thingy but to no avail....I am not very happy w/ SHAW - I think we should get this month free as well!!!1