Sunday, August 20, 2006

AHHH Brenda and Dylan

So in order to replace my BBC Canada's Footballers wives (I don't have Bell Express Vu) I seem to be addicted to TVtropolis. This morning whilst cleaning up my "flat" I watched with trepidation as Brenda went through a pregnancy scare (wow! - quite scary indeed) and then proceeded to breakup with Dylan... really tragic. I know I was pretty upset - it's really too bad. Perhaps next week I'll find out that they get together.

Now, before you start to remind me as to what really happens, I'll stop you right there...back when we were all little elementary kids and glued to the tv when the gang was on - I was out playing cops and robbers. That's right! I never watched this show, nor did I love the NKOTB - I'm just playing catch up now!


Anonymous said...

You know...I never really watched that show either. BUT!!! NKOTB...well i'm sad to say but i actually went to their concert. it wasn't anything special...Donny Wahlberg actually hung from the ceiling of the Saddledome and he sang a song swinging above the crowd. but that's all i can remember....... :)

kristen said...

there is the infamous "cervelle de veau" incident in France to look forward to...and of course, make sure you watch for when Donna gets her boobs done.

Linda said...

sweet, thanks for the tips!