Monday, December 22, 2008

It's been a while....

Yikes, so I guess I haven't been as diligent in my blogging as I would have liked to think but I am here now so lets get on with it shall we?

Happenings in the last few months have been sparse I work, I go to the gym, I eat meals, I visit with people... it's a nice way to live. But seriously, I'm not sure that I am really explaining how much I do enjoy it. When I do go to work (and I say that because military life affords quite a bit of vacation time, and paid vacation at that!) I get to deal with all sorts of problems and people and really get into the thick of it. My training has been so useful, and I do know that if I ever do leave the military, or put it to the side temporarily I can always use the experiences in civie street as they say.

In other ways it can be a bit tough living away, but they do try to help out with perks like extra money to help offset the cost of a plane ticket home - sadly as Calgary is so close my offset money is only $270 so it doesn't quite cover a ticket home at Christmas. This year my Christmas will actually be in Jan, and only for a week, but at least its something.

Last week the course catalogue came out for the reserves and it looks as though my LOG course will be in Quebec City 8 Jun - 31 July. This is great news as I can probably extend my contract here in Victoria to the end of April, or May, whatever I feel is necessary and then look for something in Sept or Aug... I love that the reserves lets me pick and choose what I do next. I might have the opportunity to come back to Victoria to help out with the Olympics in Feb 2010, or find a contract in Ottawa, or really wherever Pete and I end up. Just now its a toss up between the RCMP and the Ottawa Police... I might be persuaded to pick Ottawa Police but in reality the RCMP has phenomenal potential to be a great career and I can find military work almost anywhere in the country, plus I have a few more courses to go on and some French training and University courses to complete before promotions so anything will do really.

Pete was able to come out and visit for a week after his course in Quebec City. He left Thursday morning bound for Toronto and luckily the snow wasn't too bad at that point. It did get much worse though as the weekend came. Funny thing is that the island did get a lot of snow.. almost 3 feet in a week and for crazy islanders it was far too much. I was even having trouble driving as I did not bring my snow tires with me and my car is very little so i slid around a bit and had to dig it out a few times. Pete is due back next Monday, just in time for New Years and hopefully the snow will have melted a tad. We are due for some above zero temps for the next week so I am sure that the island will return to it's green state.

Well, I suppose I shall leave it at that for the time being. I will do my best to report back in a few days with any new happenings. In the meantime, stay warm and play nice in the snow!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kids Zoned Out on Remembrance

I found this on the Military Network, originally published by the Calgary Sun - it's a story about how kids these days know nothing of the sacrifice that our War Vets and current Soldiers have made, it's rather disgusting actually....

Kids 'zoned out' on remembrance

Among hundreds of high school students invading the northeast food
court, only a handful of red poppies could be seen.

"It's because people don't like paying for them," said one Grade 10

If Remembrance Day's future isn't completely bleak, it's certainly
confused and disconnected. Sure, it was only a small snapshot of
Remembrance Day's relevance to youth, but it turned out to be an
amazingly consistent glimpse of what they believe and don't know.
These students, who just happened to attend Lester B. Pearson high
school, all understood the gist of the occasion, that we enjoy our
freedoms through the sacrifice of soldiers. And they say it shouldn't
be forgotten. But press them further and they don't know much about
what they've forgotten.

"Which war? Two, right?" said 15-year-old Tyson.

The words Vimy Ridge, Ortona, Dieppe, Kapyong, Medac Pocket,
even Passchendaele whose name is now celluloid currency draws a
total blank, a universal F.

"Vimy's in Ottawa, it's a place where people go and remember -- it's
a guy, I think," says Gina, 17.

Uttering Stalingrad provoked mention of a Russian czar, a revolution
and other zany detours.

"Bloody Sunday -- wasn't that involved?" says Nathan, mistaking
Northern Ireland's 1970s troubles with a Second World War turning point.

Says Sequora, 17: "I remember learning about Vimy but I can't remember
-- they do teach us but it just doesn't have as much of an impact."

In other words, they're just not that interested and increasingly distant
history doesn't resonate.

"We still do one minute of silence but I don't think it has as much of an
effect on us as it did on people before ... like the deceased," adds

Maybe 50% of her classmates "actually think about it, the rest are zoned
out," says Romeena, 16, who insists she's never "learned about Hitler
at all."

Some say they're aware of the Holocaust and 16-year-old Rhea recalled
what she'd been taught about the trenches, presumably those of the
First World War.

Jolene says she has military veterans in her family, but hasn't a clue what
they did or where.

Youths of south Asian or African backgrounds at the ethnically diverse
school are virtually identical to their European classmates in their responses
and attitudes.

The Afghan deployment of Canadian soldiers not much older than them
adds no contemporary relevance to Remembrance Day for these teens.

If anything, at least among the youths with an inkling of the Second World
War and nation-gobbling Nazi aggression, the West's occupation of Afghanistan
is completely
disconnected from Nov. 11.

They seem startled to hear the two sharing the same breath. It's easy to
see why.

"They're not saying they're going to come invade our country," says Melat,
16, of Canada's Afghan foes.

Not a single one interviewed in the food court supports the mission, though
a couple of them think Canadian troops are also helping to pacify Iraq.

"I don't think it's our deal to be in Afghanistan, it's not our problem,"
says Nathan.

Others say they believe Canadian troops in Afghanistan are being exploited
by the Americans -- hardly a Flanders Fields moment.

There's some awareness of Canada's peacekeeping heritage, which stands out
starkly in young minds from the more recent warmaking.

"I don't think our soldiers are making any peace -- they're dying," says Gina.

Regardless of the bravery of today's Canadian soldiers, we've come far from
one conventional army expelling another occupying one.

And the kids know it, even if they're hazy on the more distant history.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's History!

Wow, it's finally over, the votes have been tabulated and the winner declared. Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America. It's an amazing time in our lives and I truly do think that the next four years will be a better period of history for the Americans than the previous 8 years. His speech was both wonderful and inspirational and I am glad to have heard it - well done Mr. President...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It really is in you to give!

I was perusing the CBC website in search of my new Defense Minister (It's still Peter McKay by the way) I found this story

So there it is Canada - lets get out there and donate some blood... I did mine last week!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally, Some Recognition!

British news paper salutes Canada . . . this is a good read (and a big THANK YOU to Ronnalie, she emailed me this wonderful article!)


British news paper salutes Canada . . . this is a good read. It is funny how it took someone in England to put it into words... Sunday Telegraph Article From today's UK wires:
Salute to a brave and modest nation - Kevin Myers, 'The Sunday Telegraph' LONDON :

Until the deaths of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan , probably almost no one outside their home country had been aware that Canadian troops are deployed in the region.

And as always, Canada will bury its dead, just as the rest of the world, as always will forget its sacrifice, just as it always forgets nearly everything Canada ever does.. It seems that Canada 's historic mission is to come to the selfless aid both of its friends and of complete strangers, and then, once the crisis is over, to be well and truly ignored.

Canada is the perpetual wallflower that stands on the edge of the hall, waiting for someone to come and ask her for a dance. A fire breaks out, she risks life and limb to rescue her fellow dance-goers, and suffers serious injuries. But when the hall is repaired and the dancing resumes, there is Canada, the wallflower still, while those she once helped Glamorously cavort across the floor, blithely neglecting her yet again.

That is the price Canada pays for sharing the North American continent with the United States , and for being a selfless friend of Britain in two global conflicts.

For much of the 20th century, Canada was torn in two different directions: It seemed to be a part of the old world, yet had an address in the new one, and that divided identity ensured that it never fully got the gratitude it deserved.

Yet it's purely voluntary contribution to the cause of freedom in two world wars was perhaps the greatest of any democracy.
Almost 10% of Canada 's entire population of seven million people served in the armed forces during the First World War, and nearly 60,000 died. The great Allied victories of 1918 were spearheaded by Canadian troops, perhaps the most capable soldiers in the entire British order of battle.

Canada was repaid for its enormous sacrifice by downright neglect, it's unique contribution to victory being absorbed into the popular Memory as somehow or other the work of the 'British.'

The Second World War provided a re-run. The Canadian navy began the war with a half dozen vessels, and ended up policing nearly half of the Atlantic against U-boat attack. More than 120 Canadian warships participated in the Normandy landings, during which 15,000 Canadian soldiers went ashore on D-Day alone.

Canada finished the war with the third-largest navy and the fourth largest air force in the world. The world thanked Canada with the same sublime indifference as it had the previous time.

Canadian participation in the war was acknowledged in film only if it was necessary to give an American actor a part in a campaign in which the United States had clearly not participated - a touching scrupulousness which, of course, Hollywood has since abandoned, as it has any notion of a separate Canadian identity.

So it is a general rule that actors and filmmakers arriving in Hollywood keep their nationality - unless, that is, they are Canadian. Thus Mary Pickford, Walter Huston, Donald Sutherland, Michael J. Fox, William Shatner, Norman Jewison, David Cronenberg, Alex Trebek, Art Linkletter and Dan Aykroyd have in the popular perception become American, and Christopher Plummer, British.

It is as if, in the very act of becoming famous, a Canadian ceases to be Canadian, unless she is Margaret Atwood, who is as unshakably Canadian as a moose, or Celine Dion, for whom Canada has proved quite unable to find any takers.

Moreover, Canada is every bit as querulously alert to the achievements of its sons and daughters as the rest of the world is completely unaware of them. The Canadians proudly say of themselves - and are unheard by anyone else - that 1% of the world's population has provided 10% of the world's peacekeeping forces.

Canadian soldiers in the past half century have been the greatest peacekeepers on Earth - in 39 missions on UN mandates, and six on non-UN peacekeeping duties, from Vietnam to East Timor, from Sinai to Bosnia.

Yet the only foreign engagement that has entered the popular non-Canadian imagination was the sorry affair in Somalia , in which out-of-control paratroopers murdered two Somali infiltrators. Their regiment was then disbanded in disgrace - a uniquely Canadian act of self-abasement for which, naturally, the Canadians received no international credit.

So who today in the United States knows about the stoic and selfless friendship its northern neighbour has given it in Afghanistan ?

Rather like Cyrano de Bergerac , Canada repeatedly does honourable things for honourable motives, but instead of being thanked for it, it remains something of a figure of fun. It is the Canadian way, for which Canadians should be proud, yet such honour comes at a high cost. This past year more grieving Canadian families knew that cost all too tragically well.

Lest we forget.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Randomn thoughts on a saturday night

I'm currently sitting at my fancy desk on base, pulling the 4th night of my watch rotation. It's been a nice change from my day job and I can say quite honestly that it is a much slower pace. I'm grappling with the whole staying up until 6am bit though. And the fact that as of tomorrow morning I have to switch to a normal sleep at night schedule... that might be tough. Anyhoo, enough with the boring bits.

Last weekend I zipped off to Quebec City for Thanksgiving. I had never been east during the fall so it was really fantastic to see all the colours - and the red leaves to be exact. I've never seen a red maple leaf so this was a real treat for me. Well, that and the fact I got to see Pete which is always a good thing ;) . The flights there were quite crap, Victoria to Vancouver, Vancouver to Toronto, Toronto to Quebec city.... 9 hours in all.... but at least it as over night and I got to sleep a bit. The weekend itself was really laid back... we chilled mostly, walked a bit through the old towne and had a few nice meals. Our Thanksgiving dinner was at L'Astral which is the revolving restaurant at the top floor of our hotel. The restaurant itself was great, the food was tasty as well but somehow I as slightly disappointed in the fact that there was no Thanksgiving themed anything... not even pumpkin pie! As a person who adores Turkey Dinners you can imagine how crappy it was not to get the official Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving but I guess that means that all the pressure now rests on Christmas Dinner... Maybe I'll go and buy myself a box of stopetop and cook it up in the microwave to make myself feel better.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Living in the Big House on the Hill

Firstly, my apologies for the long wait - I've been awaiting my Internet to be installed chez moi and the Internet cafe was all the way downtown... and it's rather tough to park downtown sometimes. But enough of my excuses.

Here's the update: I moved back to Victoria as part of a contract with the Navy that was drawn up for me to help me fill time until I have a course in Quebec City. This wasn't quite what I had in mind, in fact most of us thought I would be back in Calgary working at the ship's office, but here I am. My current position involves Port Security and my tasking is to Coordinate the BASF or the Base Auxiliary Security Force - a daunting task for someone with only 6 months in, but I am trying to do my best.

Other than work I try to keep my time occupied with eating - mainly at the fancy dancy dining room downstairs - complete with white linen table cloths and silver cutlery... a rather posh place reserved for officers. It's nice, but a bit scary as I am usually the lowest rank in the room and are therefore very careful how I conduct myself. Not that I don't have any manners, but sitting in the same room as 5 different 4 bars (Navy Captains) is a bit scary at times. After the meals, which quite honestly are pretty tasty, I usually zip off to the gym on base. It's nice, and the cardio theatre is well equipped but I have yet to visit the weight room as it is filled with hulking Navy boys who although are most likely extremely sweet their muscles are larger than my head! My solution to this problem is to transfer my membership from my Calgary gym to one in Victoria - that will be a task for next week I think. The reason for my crazy workout regime is that I have somehow agreed to run a half marathon next May... another scary task but I have something like 36 weeks to prepare so hopefully the mild weather this winter will allow me to train outdoors for most of the season.

On the friends front, I have several buddies from basic who are still in town waiting on their next course to start as well - these peeps however are all reg force MARS officers (think the guys who drive the ships). Luckily for me they are all really awesome people and I love to spend time with them. On a timeline note I think I may be here until June, unless I can convince the CF to offer another Logistics course next year, keep your fingers crossed!

Alright, I'm getting sleepy and I have to be off to work tomorrow morning. I have a Sig Sauer shoot on Tuesday so I am sure that I will have some fun things to tell you then.
Good night!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So I am all moved in in Victoria now... it was quite the wait but I've checked into my wardroom room - aka my hotel room, eaten my meals at my fancy dining room, checked in at work, got my desk, found out I am the Coordinator of a Emergency / High Profile Security Force... and have finished my "In-routine"... I feel rather like a real life Navy person now... saluting all the way from my room to my office and having people to coordinate.. it is all very scary though!

This poor blog has been quite neglected in the last few months but I have called Shaw and they are coming out to install my internet on Thursday. SO that means that I can start to regularly update you all on my life... yeah!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The final word is...

Ah yes, after a few weeks of nail biting and wondering what the heck is going on.... I have word that I am to return to Victoria for a bit... working on base... until my course in Quebec City is ready... now that means I could be going to Quebec in Jan, if I can orchestrate a course then, or I could be in Vic until June... who knows... but the fun thing is that I will be back and forth between the two cities for about 2 years. So I think we need another farewell party for me.

The really crazy thing is that I leave again on the 23rd of August so we need to do this party quick... I'm thinking the 22nd... whose in?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You can't go home again

This may seem rather depressing, and it very well could be, but I've just come to that realization. I've been back for a whole week and while I've tried to regain my old routine - as much of it as I've been able to recoup - nothing really seems the same. I think it may be due to the whole in limbo, homeless, jobless situation, but nevertheless I feel rather like home has escaped me and I don't quite belong here.

I do think that I will go ahead with the new minimalist Linda (this will be quite the change from the old pack rat Linda) and start going through everything tomorrow... well that, and the fact that I am not going to be in Calgary very much in the next 2 years, or longer is I go through with the reg force move, should help to motivate me.

In any case, I'm suffering from a case of the blues tonight and not too pleased about the whirlwind that will be my life for the next 3 weeks. So, here we go - get your time in while you can... I won't be in town long I'm afraid.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

That's a lot of stuff!

So I've been back for almost a week now and have just today decided to venture out to one of the areas holding the majority of my stuff from my beloved Kensington Palace. I thought I would poke through a few boxes and see what I could find in the way of sunglasses and perhaps some clothing. What I did find was a plethora of random things that made me wonder how on earth I accumulated that much stuff. I now know that I do not have to by any sort of toiletries or makeup for years, I have enough books to last my lifetime, my kitchen knick knacks are out of control and I have boxes upon boxes of tea. Now since the state of my future is somewhat unknown I think what I will do while I have the time is to de-junkify myself, and that my dear friends will take me a good long while I expect! I do believe that from now on I will be playing more navy than civvy and thus should really start living quite barebones, that is to say - easily packable and movable.

When I do know where I am or when I am headed somewhere I shall let you all know, but in the meantime call me and if I can tear myself away from my junk pile I'll arrange a visit cause I think I'm leaving again quite soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The End

Well that's it, that's all - I m fini with the basic training aspect of my military career. The goodbyes were awful, there were tears - a lot of them - and more tears. In the end Jamie and I were able to get off base and off the island. Our facebook status' are all filled with sad messages, and we are all suffering from disconnect and reintegration back into regular society. I have a million pics to post, sadly I am stuck in a hotel room in Kelowna and have no desire to go through the 500 or so that I've accumulated so you will all have to wait a few days or so.

As I mentioned before I am in Kelowna so I should be home tomorrow. Funny thing is that I have no home - I think I've secured something in the way of accommodation for the time being and perhaps something for the near future but who knows where I will end up. As for my employment - that is also up in the air. I thought I would be working at the ship's office for the 8 months before my next phase of training in Quebec City, but I've just received an email asking me if I would like to go back to Victoria for an 8 month stint with the Port Security Unit. I also tried to look into moving to the east, Ottawa or Quebec City with the military or even just with a good job.

So, now I have a huge decision to make, and I need to make it fast - crap! I hate this all so very much. If anyone out there has a nice paying job preferably in Ottawa or Quebec City let me know - I'm game for almost anything!

Alright, I'm off to play more on facebook. We can catch up later.
Jamie and I in the hall outside my room - we were told to be out there at a specific time and much to our surprise we waited there for a good 1/2 an hour before anything happened. But, hey that's the military's motto - "Hurry Up and Wait" so we did. (We are wearing our greens - aka our combats)
Jamie and I in the field - I am sitting on my cot (this was the 3rd time in the field so we slept in mod tents on cots unlike the first two times where we slept in Hootchies in the dirt) And yes, that is my rifle.
I am giving it a bath after the field (I named it the QE II) - they told us to take it into the shower but I thought to take it one step further.... Gehlert almost killed me when she saw this.... hahahahaha!
The aforementioned Gehlert and I on grad day in the hallway - we look so fancy! (we are wearing our DEUs )

Davis and I in the hall before grad - he looks so daper!
Jamie and I at the Gun room after the grad parade - Acting Sub Lieutenants at last!!!
In the Navy at last!!!! Jamie and I on the sweep deck the HMCS NANAIMO for our day sail - see our fat stripes on our shoulders... wicked! (here we are wearing our Naval Combats)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week in the Field

Well, I did it!!! I managed to get my ass in gear and work through the most grueling, scariest, most nerve wracking weeks of my life... I passed my final assessment in this damn course I'm on. The week started on Monday with the departure for the "field"... basically we packed up our rucksacks, got on a bus, drove into the woods and hunkered down for a week of hell. We were up at 5, running 3 hours taskings(missions) for 2 days in preparation for the assessment taskings starting on Wednesday, eating random things out of these god awful things called IMPs - individual meal packs... stuff made 4 years ago and vacuum packed into foil packets.. with some extras like fruit drink crystals, chocolate bars (in the lunches), compacted bread, peanut butter and cookies or crackers... so I pretty much ate chocolate bars, crackers and canned fruit for the entire week.... then it was off to bed nearish midnight. After were were all asleep and recovering from our long long day we got to do this wonderful thing called a "stand - to" where someone (people caleld Fed Platoon who attack us during our taskings) comes and attacks your camp with crazy amounts of blank ammo and the ENTIRE camp has to get up and defend it for an hour or so... it was great! (I'm only being half sarcastic)

Wednesday came and our assessments began - we had 16 members in our group and each one had a 3 hour task to lead. Fun thing was that we had to create a complete set (15 steps) of written orders (that were marked) to support our leadership and get briefed from the Officer in Command - this was also very scary and realistic! So Wednesday came and went, 7 members got their turn to lead and I became a lackey for the day, I shot when I was told to, screamed "Yes IC (stands for in charge, that's what we refered to them as) a lot... and then ran around the woods attacking people, looking for downed pilots, conducting reconnaissance missions, setting up camp security, setting up observation posts etc etc etc... it was tough work. Then it was Thursday and it was my turn (you didn't know it was your turn until 2 hours prior). My mission was search and rescue and I was scared to hell that I could fail and then get kicked off the course... as this was it, your entire military career hinged on this one bloody task... anyhoo, I managed to draw a really funny assessor and got through it with a really good mark... After me we had about 6 more missions left plus 2 re- tests, and 1 re-re-test (if you failed they gave you 2 more chances to pass). Needless to say with 3 hours of sleep (if we were lucky) and crazy amounts of running around in full gear with rifles and helmets shooting at people all day we were all quite tired.

Yesterday (Saturday) came and we were on our 13km rucksack march. Now for those of you who don't know what a rucksack is... it is a giant backpack full of gear that has several things strapped to it... like an air mattress and a bag containing 2 sleeping bags, a ground sheet, a bivy bag (the waterproof bag that your sleeping bags go into) and a wash basin shoved into it. In any case, it weighs a lot.. like 40-50 lbs and we had to wear this, and our combats plus webbing (a belt thingy that has several packs attached and a set of cutlery and your magazine pouches(think bullets) and your water bottle) and your helmet and your rifle (the picture to the left is the rucksack without the sleeping bag and air mattess attachement which would be on the underside of it)... while wearing combat boots. The march started at 6 am and ended about 8:26... I was within the front 12 people for the entire thing and was ridiculously, even deliriously happy when I finished... my feet took quite a beating but I can still walk and am still smiling.... so I guess it isn't all bad!

Graduation parade is next Saturday and my mom and sister plus some others are on their way out to see me receive my Queen's Commission... I can't hardly WAIT!!!

I'll be home at the end of July so we'll all have to celebrate then!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I just got back from the field and have decided that I am in no way cut out for the ARMY. Good thing I joined the NAVY!!! The field is like bare bones camping without any fun. We get up at 5 and go to bed at 11 or 1 am. We work non stop and eat cold, prepackaged IMP meals that were made 4 years ago and look and taste like dog food. We never have any time to brush our hair, or bath so we use baby wipes to keep clean and our fire team partner is with us at all times... our Hootchies (basic tent - think 2 tarps attached together to form a small, small triangle tent) are awful and cold and we spend the entire week outside without any fire to keep warm.

You will all have to excuse me for my grammar as my mind has melted from the stress and lack of sleep. I'll try to list off what happened to us in the field so you can all understand...

Monday we arrived in the field. It was cold, and wet - alternating between raining and pouring all day - we worked hard doing all sorts of missions until about 1 am, meaning we had been awake and running around for 20 hours. It was COLD and we were all on the verge of hypothermia... it sucked big time... Tuesday was better weather wise, I had my assessment for my mission, which I passed - thank god!!!! But we worked hard all day and when we finally went to bed at 11:30 we were woken up at 12:30 with a fake fire alarm and the "bad guys" shooting at everyone in the camp... we all had to jump out of bed, get dressed in full combats with helmet, webbing, rifle etc and try to defend our camp.. then we were hauled out onto the road and screamed at for not doing well enough... GREAT TIMES!!! Wednesday was better still, we had a long day but luckily there was no raid in the night and we had a moment to nap in the afternoon. Thursday was stressful as the people who didn't pass their first attempt had to try again and it was tough to be enthusiastic and energetic as we were all quite worn out. Friday was the 7km rucksack march and obstacle course (affectionately names the DEATH FORCE 5000). The march was awful. The rucksacks were heavy, our boots were giving us blisters and the pace was fast, plus my rifle is getting rather tiresome to carry around... The obstacle course was suppose to be fun. Last week when we ran it we did so with only our combats and helmets, this time we had our rifle and webbing (belt type thing that goes around our waist and holds all sorts of goodies like magazine (think bullets) and canteen etc). Needless to say most of us were injured as it was hard to navigate 10 foot walls and 2 story cargo nets with all the equipment on us. I fell from a 12 foot wall and didn't hurt myself too much, I went over the cargo net and bruised the bejeezes out of my arms and legs, and also managed to slink along a rope suspended 20 ft in the air all without too much trouble.... However, when it came to doing the Tarzan rope I caught my heels on the 4 ft wall and fell on my ankle so I am now hobbling around like an idiot... My entire platoon is wondering who beat me up and my entire body is covered with enormous bruises that are quite disgusting... GREAT TIMES!!!

Now we are all running loose in Victoria trying to relax and prepare for the next phase... scary stuff I tell you!!!!

Alright, I know none of that made any sense but I'll try to re-iterate it sometime when my brain is not shut off.

Thanks for the good thoughts and letters.. As I am back at the base for a week I'll try to write back to everyone that sent letters..

Love you all!!!!

Naval Cadet Spencer (AKA Lady Spencer, aka Linda!!!)

Saturday, May 31, 2008


I scammed more internet!!! YEAH!!!!

Lots of fun stuff is going on here... I learned that I can shoot a rifle quite well and that it isn't much fun... I also learned that I can now get dressed in full combats including boots and full fighting order (rifle, helmet, webbing, ammo etc... ) in less than 3 minutes... good times for all!!!

I've also met a kazillion new friends. most people here are wonderful, and we hang out 24/7 so that's a really good thing. Like Eleni posted I go in the field next week and that should be somewhat interesting... we'll see how I survive. But I should run, I've gotta run some errands. No pics as of yet, we JUST got our cameras back... bastards!!! anyhoo, love you all, we'll chat soon!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008


Hey everyone.. I've been busy lately... lots of things going on in my life... but I got an e-mail from Linda that I needed to share!!

I"M HERE!!!!! I scammed internet for 1 minute so here I am...... basic is going well..... it's tough... I carry a rifle everywhere I go - even to the loo!!!! And I've discovered that I can shoot things form far away quite well....Next week we have war games in the bush.. should be fun cause I hate camping... miss you all oodles... YEAH!!!!!!


I'll share again if I hear more news!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey guys.. I don't really have a Linda update. I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this...

Anyway.. I SUCK at blogging.. so, bear with me if you want to hear updates on Linda. I have lost her schedule... (or temporarily misplaced)... so I'm not really sure what she's been up to!! Yikes.. she's so going to kick me when she comes back.

If you want to send her mail at the base.. write a comment on here and I will e-mail you her mailing address.

Take care Linda fans!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Good afternoon everyone!

It has been a few days so I decided to update you all on Ms. Spencer. Linda had a rather quick sendoff, as rumour has it that she slept in for the airport!! She made it to Victoria on time though and is locked up in basic training!

She sent some texts out two nights ago saying that her phone was about to be taken away.. however last night she sent another text that no one was allowed to send her food. I am not quite sure if Linda just kept her cell phone.. or if they were not taken away... but she's maintained a link to the outside world!!

I will have to consult her schedule to let you all know what she is up to... but I'm sure she's very busy and having a great time! That's all for now!


Friday, April 25, 2008

The end

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is the end - temporarily. I'm sitting in bed - in an empty room, in an empty apartment (except for Heather's things) exhausted, sad and nervous. Today was pretty awful, packing up my beloved Kensington Palace, saying goodbye to my friends - not fun.

I've had a few meltdowns, mostly while saying goodbye to people (I HATE goodbyes... they are horrifically awful!) and looking at my lovely Palace for the last time (see I'm getting teary eyed again... ) but I am getting through it and I will be okay, eventually. I know you must all think that I am quite the lunatic for being so upset about an apartment and a 3 month hiatus from my friends. But the fact of the matter is that this apartment, apart from being beautiful, perfectly located and renovated is what it represents to me - my Independence. Previous to being here I had a rough time and this apartment sort of proved to myself that I could do it alone and do it well. Now like anything, this apartment has it's faults... it floods a lot, it is COLD, it is expensive... but it is Kensington Palace and to quote several people "this is the end of an era". Not to mention the fact that Heather and I will no longer be roommates. I've tried really hard not to think about that one as it causes instant tears but I really can't ignore it any longer.

Heather and I, although roommates for almost 2 years, rarely spend any time together as we are always so busy. But when we do see each other we talk for hours and laugh a lot. It will be so different not to wonder when she'll be home next, or what funny stories she has to tell about her latest pairing... wow, this is quite the depressing post isn't it??? I don't really want to go on as this is pretty sad, but to say the least, I will miss her and as our schedules will continue to be busy I doubt we will have many 3 hour talk marathons in the future.

So that's it kids, I am done for a while. I am not sure that I will have access to this blog at all on base, but Eleni, I am sure, will be diligent in her posting and keeping you all informed on my activities.

Alright, I'm going to dry my eyes now and try to get some sleep. 5 am isn't far off!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LONG LONG overdue

So.. waaaaay back on the 12th of April (saturday) I had a very busy day. I started the day off very tired as the night before was Jamie's birthday celebration at Murietta's. I got to wear a sparkly dress, mingle with fun people and wish my new MBFF a very Happy Birthday! (pictures to follow).

The next day however I was up bright and early to attend some more Small Party Tasking stuff at the unit. I think it went well - I learned new leadership techniques, got paid for running around in the snow... had lunch with some of the guys (and Jamie) - good times.

After that though it was a race to get showered, get makeuped, do my hair in some sort of fashionable style, find an outfit for the ceremony and race over to the Palliser hotel. I arrived with plenty of time, got to sit in the lobby and look pretty and then got to take part in my very first Iranian Wedding Ceremony. The whole thing was in Farsi - a language I do not know save for a few phrases - but it was easy to understand the jyst of everything. After the amazing ceremony, Nazy looked heavenly by the way, I zipped home again to change for the reception. As the reception itself was to take place at the Palliser (my favourite hotel in Calgary), I needed a costume change. Back on went the dress from the night before (a faux pas I know, but meh... I can't be buying dresses for every day of the week now can I?). I also tried to redo the haior slightly and the makeup so as to be appropriate for the evening's festivites. My "date" (not really a date, but a friend) picked me up and we were off to wish the newlyweds well. Upon our arrival caused a bit of commotion as we descended the steps from the mezanine level to the foyer as my "date" was actually a Naval Officer in full dress uniform - and yes he had the hat with him. We said our hellos to the parents of the bride and to some others who I knew then took our seats for dinner. Dinner and speeches ensued and The whole evening was fun, we schmoozed, drank, and partied it up Persian style.

Later on after desert and dancing we jetted off to join our fellow Naval Comrades at the Mess dinner. When we got there they had been drinking for several hours so it was pretty fun once we arrived. We continued to party there and then it was time for home. My "date" drove me home and I went to bed exhausted, but ready for sunday morning.

So there we go, not a very good run down about Snoop's wedding but I am not doing so well with the writing this week... which I am sure you have all figured out.

K, gotta run and pack.. CIAO!

PS - pics to follow... I didn't take any so I need to steal some from facebook.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hot damn... a party!!!

Hello everyone!!

It's COMBAT PARTY day!! Woo-hoo! I hope you can all dig yourselves out of your respective homes to join in the festivities! Remember... dress up and come out to have fun!

This is E-Money signing out...


Friday, April 18, 2008


I just got a call from my unit and apparently the course that I was to do after Basic, the one where I get to hang out on a ship for a while has been changed and I now get to come home early!!!!

As it stood I was to have a week off in between IAP / BOTC and NETPO but now that week is gone and I get to come home a week early.....wicked!!!!!!

So look for me back in town the last week of July - I am so happy!!!

Book of the Week / Last Friday

So today is my very very last day at Job #1 - FNF Canada. it's sad, in a way, but great in a different way. I will be pleased to leave certain aspects of this job, as well as some people (can't be friends with everyone, can I?) but the worst part is that I have some friends that are really close to me and it will be awful not to see them everyday. Guest blogger E$ is one of them, Lanster is another, Scott and Crystal as well - what will I do without them I wonder?

I will also miss my desk... situated beside the beautiful window, with all that glorious sunshine... well not TODAY as it is snowing, but most days. Plus I do think I will also miss the fully stocked kitchen and Fat Friday celebrations.. and maybe even the witty banter that passes between the cubicles in the office... wow, that makes me quite sad. Well, that and the fact that I will be in Victoria in less than a week... YIKES!!!!

Ughhh, now I am feeling the stress.. OK - enough of that, onto the book...

Today I've picked a book I read a while ago, then I gave to Heather to take to S. America and read, which I assume she did... but anyhoo it's a good book, it's historical (of course), set in France (of course), and features strong female characters.. (of course). Basically it's right up my alley. The book itself is titled "Labyrith" and it is written by Kate Mosse. She also just released another one called "Sepulchre" which is along the same lines at the first book - but not connected so you may read them independently.

Here's what the Publishers have to say about it:
When Dr Alice Tanner discovers two skeletons during an archaeological dig in southern France, she unearths a link with a horrific and brutal past. But it's not just the sight of the shattered bones that makes her uneasy; there's an overwhelming sense of evil in the tomb that Alice finds hard to shake off, even in the bright French sunshine. Puzzled by the words carved inside the chamber, Alice has an uneasy feeling that she has disturbed something which was meant to remain hidden...Eight hundred …+ read more
When Dr Alice Tanner discovers two skeletons during an archaeological dig in southern France, she unearths a link with a horrific and brutal past. But it's not just the sight of the shattered bones that makes her uneasy; there's an overwhelming sense of evil in the tomb that Alice finds hard to shake off, even in the bright French sunshine. Puzzled by the words carved inside the chamber, Alice has an uneasy feeling that she has disturbed something which was meant to remain hidden...

Eight hundred years ago, on the night before a brutal civil war ripped apart Languedoc, a book was entrusted to Alais, a young herbalist and healer. Although she cannot understand the symbols and diagrams the book contains, Alais knows her destiny lies in protecting their secret, at all costs.
Skilfully blending the lives of two women divided by centuries but united by a common destiny, LABYRINTH is a powerful story steeped in the atmosphere and history of southern France.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guest Blogger!

Well hello again Linda Spencer fans! :0)

E-Money is signing in. I have received some fun information today from the lady herself... She has obtained a daily schedule of what she will be going through this summer. I will keep you all up to date on the daily events of our beloved Naval Officer!

It seems as though Linda is in for some crazy 'fun' out there in Victoria! We all know she can do it.. and will kick butt!!

Two more days at FNF... it's really sad. Linda brought me to FNF... so it will be a bit weird without her there. Anyway.. it'll be a fun couple of days... SECOND GUESS THURSDAY and I DON'T CARE FRIDAY!! Woo-hoo

Anyway.. I'm off to blog some more..

Take care all ;0)


Message from the Chief of the Defence Staff to the Canadian Forces

OTTAWA – I have chosen to retire from the Canadian Forces and end my tenure as your Chief of the Defence Staff in July of this year.

I accepted the leadership of the Canadian Forces in February 2005. My goal was to set the conditions for our sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen to succeed in our critical and often dangerous tasks in defence of Canada, Canadians, and Canadian interests and values.

We have achieved those key objectives, and reached the critical milestones I originally set out for us to reach by the end of my time as CDS. We have moulded our culture to one which recognizes that operations are our raison d’être; that our efforts, all of them, must concentrate on achieving the missions and tasks given to us by the Government of Canada, on behalf of all Canadians.

We have transformed how we recruit, train, equip, command, deploy, employ, bring home, recognize and care for our operational forces and our families, focused on achieving a strategic effect for Canada. We have done so while growing the Canadian Forces, re-equipping it, and while carrying out intense combat and peace support operations overseas and demanding, essential security tasks here at home.

We have remembered how to grieve; to never forget our comrades and dear friends who have died in the service of Canada. Their sacrifice, and that of their families, deserves our unwavering commitment to ensure their loss is not in vain.

We have been strengthened, immensely, by the vocal and visible support of millions of Canadians who have demonstrated that they recognize, understand and honour your service, and the sacrifice of your families.

Leadership in the Canadian Forces is not the role of one single person; it is the responsibility of all who wear the Canadian Forces uniform. I believe you will now be best served by the invigoration of new leadership, with the vision, energy, and strength to lead you through the challenges that will lie ahead. For we have not finished evolving. We must continue to adapt, and improve our Forces to accomplish the tasks Canadians need us to perform in the complex, dangerous security environment before us.

It is with great confidence that I await the selection of the senior leader who will take my place. I will continue to serve as your CDS until relieved of my duties by my successor, to be named in due course by our Prime Minister.

My wife Joyce and I thank you for the rewarding years we have shared with you, and look forward to many years ahead as part of the Canadian Forces family.

You are Canada’s greatest credentials, our national treasures, and I am so very proud of you. It has been my honour and privilege to be your Chief of the Defence Staff.

US Navy vs Canada

Some Naval humour for you this fine Wednesday morning.

This is the transcript of the ACTUAL radioconversation of a U.S. naval ship with the Canadianauthorities off the coast of Newfoundland October 1995. Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations10-10-95.

Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the Southto avoid a collision.

Americans: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to theNorth.

Canadians: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again,divert YOUR course.

Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.


Canadians: We are a lighthouse, your call.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Alright everyone - military training aside, today is a special day... it is the BIRTHDAY of my good friend Cynthia!

Hope your day is super special... kiss my cutie Sam for me... and a big hug for Aaron as well

Monday, April 14, 2008

Guest Blogger!!

Good Morning!!

Guest blogger in the hiz-ouse!! Haha... anyway.. I just felt like signing in and letting you know that I will be 'taking over' for Linda in less than two weeks! Our girl is leaving us!

I hope I will see you all at the COMBAT PARTY!!

Take care!


Sunday, April 13, 2008


So I've been packing most of the day, apart from taking a small shopping trip to get my outfit for the Combat Party - which by the way I expect to be a gongshow. Anyhoo, so I've packed the car - pulled apart the kitchen, ripped apart the hall closet and pulled up the living room rug. Now I'm contemplating what to get for dinner and as I have no groceries I guess that means that I am ordering in... Vietnamese perhaps. I also think I should make a trip down to the south and empty the car, but I'm sitting here in my outfit for the aforementioned party and I don't think that wondering around in public is a good idea just now. I look rather military-esque and I might get some interesting glances. Tomorrow I think, will be the night to tackle my bedroom and rid it of any unnecessary clothing, which means most of it as I only have 12 days left... holy hell - that's not very much time is it...

I guess the point of this post, is that I am getting rather sad that my poor beautiful apartment is going to be lost to me very soon. Well, that and the fact that I cannot wait for the party! YEAH!!

Things to help me procrastinate with

After reading a friends blog, I've decided to also take the Meyer's Briggs Personality Test and see how I change after Basic. These are my results as of today:

Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %

ENFJ type description by D.Keirsey
ENFJ Career Choices by Jung Career Indicator™ Provides the list of occupations most suitable for your type taking into account the type formula and strength of the preferences. Based on a sample representing 40 most popular and high-demand occupations.
ENFJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
  • moderately expressed extravert
  • slightly expressed intuitive personality
  • moderately expressed feeling personality
  • very expressed judging personality

Funny thing is that I was trying to convince my wedding date last night (At Snoop's Wedding... more about that later) that I was shy, painfully so.. I guess I was wrong.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Book of the Week

Alright so I had a huge plan to do Victoria Beckham's Book - "That Extra Half and Inch" as tonight is Jamie's (my new MBFF) Birthday Party, aptly named "Farewell to Feminity". Sadly I've discovered that I already featured that book in a previous Book of the Week. So now I'm stuck thinking about another book.

Oooh, just got an idea. As I mentioned, it was Jamie's birthday on Wednesday and her present was a book (of course) - so because I can't think of another Feminine type book to post I'll do the exact opposite... but really, knowing Jamie and I, it fits!

The book is "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

Here is what the publishers have to say:

Widely regarded as "The Oldest Military Treatise in the World," this landmark work covers principles of strategy, tactics, maneuvering, communication, and supplies; the use of terrain, fire, and the seasons of the year; the classification and utilization of spies; the treatment of soldiers, including captives, all have a modern ring to them.

And now from Wikipedia:

The Art of War is one of the oldest books on military strategy in the world. It is the first and one of the most successful works on strategy and has had a huge influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, and beyond. Sun Tzu was the first to recognize the importance of positioning in strategy and that position is affected both by objective conditions in the physical environment and the subjective opinions of competitive actors in that environment. He taught that strategy was not planning in the sense of working through a to-do list, but rather that it requires quickly responding appropriately to changing conditions. Planning works in a controlled but competitive environment, and competing plans collide, creating situations that no one planned for.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Guest Blogger???

So I'm leaving in 16 days and I although I do get my cell phone back after a few weeks I will probably be incommunicado as far as this blog goes... I am bringing my computer with me but because it is a Mac and it only takes wireless Internet, I might be SOL as far as email access goes.. plus I wouldn't be able to upload any pics at all. What to do, what to do....

So I've come up with a solution. I think you would all be entertained with the ramblings of one E Money (aka E$, aka Eleni). She's ridiculously funny, and I should know - I sit across from her at the office and she always entertains me! So there we go, she will be taking over for me while I am away, but I am sure she will post for you in case you have something you want to contribute... I'll let her do her own introduction when I go, but be sure to check back often.. you won't be disappointed!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Days like these

It's days like the one I am having thus far that make me very happy that I only have 10 more working days at Job #1. I really dislike 1/2 of my job - the requisitioning of funds - and lucky for me today I am being bogged down with problems... fun!

What makes it even better is the fact that this morning's run, despite still having trouble walking from Thursday's and Friday's workouts, was AWESOME! Basically it was 1 minute fast run, 1 minute fast walk - repeat x30 minutes. I was dreading this one big time but it turns out that it was pretty fun. I did have my finger on the darn button to change the speed for most of the run, but it went relatively quickly and it wasn't too difficult - unlike Thursday's run which I barely made it through.

Oh, I wanted to say something else about the weekend before I get to engrossed in my workout regime - as I know you all enjoy reading about my running schedule so much! Anyways, Saturday was my last Saturday at job #2. The whole gang was there and it was really quite fun - except for the unbendable legs thing. Saturday night however was the Flames last regular season game and we had a work function at Schanks south to celebrate. I got there at about 8 and the party was well under way. The game itself was awesome to watch as we destroyed the Cannucks 7-1 and our beloved Iggy got his 50th goal!!!! I left around 11:30 and collapsed into bed, ready for last day at job #2

Sunday - Last day at Job #2!!!! I normally hate working Sundays because the whole day is crap. Customers are usually awful, coworkers are no fun, the manager is pretty lame, and I generally spend the day thinking of all of the things I need to get done before Monday comes. This Sunday did not disappoint! It was pretty horrendous - the only saving grace was that one of my regular Saturday girls was working with me on Sunday so I got to chat a bit with her. After I extracted myself from there I popped over to see my Aunt and Grandma. They are always so much fun and they always feed me such yummy dinner that I can never turn down the offer. They did not disappoint.

I guess that just leaves the Junos. It was the first time that I have ever watched them, and really the only reason I did was to see Russell Peters - who doesn't love him? The show wasn't that bad, I thought it was a bit weird that they had a different awards night the evening before and awarded some big name categories, but meh - it went well and I was entertained, what more could I have asked for?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday / Book of the Week

So, being April 4th I think it is about time that I wish Crystal a very Happy 25th Birthday!

Yeah for your birthday!!!

Okay, back to business... this week's book is actually 3 books. It's referred to as the Josephine B Trilogy and encompasses 3 different parts of Josephine Bonaparte's life. I read it last year upon recommendation from the manager at the Chapters on MacLeod trail and I was really quite delighted. As we all know historical anything is up my alley and the fact that she played, or rather her husband played such an integral role in the formation of the France we all know and love today, not to mention the magnitude of influence Napolean has had on the world in general. The book is written in journal form and details the happenings of her life from her childhood in the Caribbean to her death in France.

From the Publisher
The Josephine B. Trilogy comprises three acclaimed,bestselling novels that draw the reader into the delicate yet passionate relationship between Josephine and Napoleon Bonaparte: The Many Lives& Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.; Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe;and The Last Great Dance on Earth. Together in this omnibus edition, they form an irresistible epic, tracing Josephine’s transformation from impressionable young girl to canny and compassionate wife, to confidant temptress and one of the most
sophisticated and powerful women in history.
Adored by readers of historical fiction, the Josephine novels are a sweeping tale of love and loss, political intrigue and revolution during one of the most tumultuous periods in European history.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Every time I go for my weekly Tecumseh meeting, I always leave feeling much more re-assured and relaxed about leaving (23 days). After our evening of training the other JOUTS (Junior Officers) and I all meet up in the wardroom for our social time and just end up chatting until usually around midnight. Last night was no exception and as we had a few new faces in the group it was the perfect time to say hi and get to know them. During the course of conversation Jamie and I learned that in the Basic for Naval Officers there are different "running groups" for the morning PT (physical training). Apparently we are sorted into the "slow" "medium" or "fast" running group so that the kids whose legs aren't sky high (like me) aren't left in the dust or killing themselves to keep up to all the 6'5" guys running next to them. This brings quite a bit of relief to me as I have been rather worried about the running aspect. Not that I am a horrible runner, but I am not uber fast and was scared that I was going to be that girl, in the back... looking like a chump. Now I am pleased that if there are other peeps like me who can go in the medium , or heaven forbid, slow group.

Having said that though I am still training and going faster every time I run. I'll be back at the gym tonight after 3 days off nursing a pulled groin (yikes!) muscle - but I plan on trying a 6.3 on the treadmill adding .1 in speed and a few minutes to time each and every time I run. The day before I leave I am trying to be at at least a 7.0 and up to 50 minutes straight of running plus some sprints (at 10.0) and some hills... wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Ok, so I know it is Tuesday and I should have explained yesterday about the weekends events, but I was busy.. so here it is...

Friday night - was sick, went dress shopping with my mom, went to the gym and had a great workout

Saturday - Had a First Aid course at Tecumseh... spent the entire day being groped (I was the only girl) whilst practising chest compressions... yeah! and trying not to fall asleep as I learned all about first aid techniques. The evening was quite a bit more exciting though. The Lanster and I went to a birthday party for her friend Sam at Japanese Village. I have never been there and it was really something different. The chefs were all hilarious, the food was amazing and the night was just plain fun! I definitely recommend going there for a special night, or just cause it's Tuesday.. it's really that good!

Sunday - more First Aid at Tecumseh.. This time I was trussed up like a goose with splints on my "open fractured leg" and carried around the place on a makeshift stretcher... great times! and then it was home for a crappy run.

Monday - picked up my UNIFORM at the ASU... everything but my tunic fit so I got to take most of my dress gear home. Funny thing is though, my pants fit so snugly that if I do happen to gain one ounce they will not fit at all... yikes!!! Let's hope I go down a size during training. Also when I was playing dress up last night and showing my mom all of my goodies she actually cried when I had the whole outfit on - I think it was the hat. Anyhoo, after work I met Jamie who if you remember from previous posts she is my new MBFF and is coming with to Esquimalt for the training. We met up downtown last night and hit up Stephen Ave for some dress shopping - we found nothing so we went down to Chinook and tried on no less than 20 dresses.. I am not kidding at all.. We did end up at Zara and I did find a very cute dress... I won't tell you what it looks like until I post the pics from the wedding.

Ok, I think that's all for now.. tonight I'm at Job #2 and then Wednesday it's Job #3 - in uniform this time! and Thursday it's time to clean house as the house-sitting peeps come home on Saturday!

Just think.. 24 days left before I go!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why Sundays suck

I'll update tomorrow on what I did this weekend but i just wanted to post something about how mad I am... at today...

It seems as though every time I run on a Sunday, the entire run is crap.. most likely it is purely psychological and not the fact that it is Sunday, but I can't help but wonder WTF?

Tonight after I got home I attempted to run.. now originally I planned Sundays as my long run days so I could get up to an hour - needless to say this did not happen today. What did happen was I got an ENORMOUS stitch in my side, for the entire 20 minutes (I know, I know.. it was only 20 minutes) of my run (plus 5 minutes warm up)... but it was AWFUL... I felt like I was going to keel over at any moment. Plus my pants were falling off.. and no I was not at the gym... I was in a basement so it was ok. But seriously, I have not lost a significant amount of weight or inches since buying these pants 3 weeks ago but I was holding them up, holding my side, holding my iPod, the entire run! As Maya would say, the whole situation was just Pants! If that wasn't enough, since Friday my thighs were screaming pain as well, and I have no idea why, but I did strech A LOT and I am now going to slather them in muscle cream

Conclusion from all of this : Sundays should now be reserved for my long walks and saturday is now long run day....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Post Workout High

As I mentioned earlier I am, or rather was feeling quite sick this morning. Not really lay in bed and feel like death sick, but a really crappy cold sick... especially my sinuses. Most people know that I usually do not take a sick day, especially as these days I am taking time off left, right and centre to get all my military stuff taken care of before I take off.

Anyways the point of this post is mainly to tell you all that tonight after a monstrous day at the office, I went dress shopping with my Mom at Chinook. I tried on a few dresses at Zara and Bellisima - the other stores were pretty awful but I was feeling quite happy with what I did find. Sadly my favourite dress (2 sizes smaller than normal!) was $250 and I can't really justify that, so I'll be heading to Winners to see what I can find for a better price. I did see something at Zara, but it was knee length and I think I want floor length as the wedding is at the Palliser and I feel like I should step it up notch in the fashion department. During our shopping escapades we stopped by the food court, my Mom had a snack, I opted to wait until I was home as food court fare normally doe snot jive with my nutrition plan... so as we sat I almost fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion, notice I said almost. We finished up the shopping and set out for home. When I got home I decided that I felt much much better (probably due to the energy drink I had, and the lovely cold drugs that Eleni gave me) and thought I should make sure to hit the gym before bed.. so I went. Probably not the smartest thing to do seeing how I was sick, but I did feel up to it so off I went.

Tonight's workout was lower body plus abs (as always) and a run, longer and faster (as always) than before. The great thing is that I managed to get it all done, and I felt great, and I still feel great... those endorphins are wicked! I think I'll do my sets of push ups and jump into bed though because I have CPR all weekend long at Tecumseh - yeah!

Alright, enough of the update, I've got to go to sleep, or Eleni will scold me... YIKES!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Book of the Week

I almost forgot to post this again.. oops!

Anyways, today, because I am sick and miserable, I thought we could read a book about a plague-town in England. The premise of the book is mainly about one women's struggles to get through one specific year in which a good portion of the towns folk fall victim to the Plague. If I'm not very coherent here I apologize as my brain is muddled with sickness...

In any case, it's a good read, very inspiring although somewhat sad.

This is what the editors have to say:

When an infected bolt of cloth carries plague from London to an isolated village, a housemaid named Anna Frith emerges as an unlikely heroine and healer. Through Anna''s eyes we follow the story of the fateful year of 1666, as she and her fellow villagers confront the spread of disease and superstition. As death reaches into every household and villagers turn from prayers to murderous witch-hunting, Anna must find the strength to confront the disintegration of her community and the lure of illicit love. As she struggles to survive and grow, a year of catastrophe becomes instead annus mirabilis, a "year of wonders."
Inspired by the true story of Eyam, a village in the rugged hill country of England, Year of Wonders is a richly detailed evocation of a singular moment in history. Written with stunning emotional intelligence and introducing "an inspiring heroine" (The Wall Street Journal), Books blends love and learning, loss and renewal into a spellbinding and unforgettable read.
In other news I found out this morning that I have a pinched nerve in my right foot.. hence why my foot goes numb when I run... which is always fun... yeah!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What, so SOON????

Yikes!! it looks as though I am leaving rather quickly (28 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes and 3 seconds ). I just got a message about my room being rented to someone starting the 24th of April... so I guess I'll be outta there on the 23rd. Not like I wasn't expecting this but it is all very sudden it seems and I can't believe I will be saying goodbye to Kensington Palace so soon. I really do love my apartment, it is so pretty and I love living there, but I do not love the winters with frozen hardwood and ridiculously expensive heating bills.... but my kitchen is soooo pretty and I love my arched doorways... and my southern exposed living room, and my fake fireplace, and my perfect location, and oh.... I am sad now.. :(

I was also thinking that I should really take that last week off of work so I can a) pack and b) get all my ducks in a row paperwork / banking wise. So, wow, I have 3 weeks of work left... scary stuff...

On a more positive note, I am feeling more and more confident about the whole making it through basic business. Each time I spend my Wednesday night with the crew at the ship I get more insight as to exactly what will go on, and I feel like this will be in fact like Summer Camp but with Guns! Fitness wise, I did not make it to the gym tonight cause I was dead tired, but tomorrow I shall do a good run, Saturday will be reserved for an 8 km fast walk and Sunday for a long run... I can't hardly wait!!

Now with that I should get back to work and clean up this desk of mine so I won't feel so guilty taking off for 3 months...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weights first

Last Wednesday I went to a presentation by one of the fitness coordinators of the Canadian Forces and one of the key points that I took away from the whole thing was that you need to cross the Anaerobic Threshold to get to the Aerobic Threshold - and this takes about 20 minutes. So in theory I should be doing my weights first for about 20 minutes and then switch to my cardio which is of course an aerobic exercise. The reason she gave us as to why she cites this method is the plain fact that the first 10-15 minutes of the run are usually crap-tastic and make me want to die, therefore do some activity first to help you get closer to that threshold - hence the weights.

So I've tested the theory 3 times now and it does help, or maybe it's just that I think it helps. In any case my runs have been both longer and faster than before and I like it.

This morning for example, I got up, got to the gym at 6, did upper body weight stuff plus abs then switched over to my running. This to me is monumental as my morning runs are usually awful and I can't push through that "wall" very well - but this morning I did go faster than ever and for 3 minutes longer than normal so an improvement in both areas! The last 5 minutes were awful, but I took that as a sign that I was doing well and at an appropriate level to progress more. When I got home I did have a thought though about the entire workout regime that U have gone through since January - why is it that my bra size has gone down a cup, but my ass seems to be the same size - even after I kick boxed and ran my way through 3 months of hell??? Is that fair??? WTF???

Whatevs - as long as I can get through IAP / BOTC I am happy. Yeah for running!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's been awhile

I guess I am all out of ideas for Book of the Week and therefore forgot to post on Friday - or any day of the weekend... wow, that sucks.

I suppose I should go through what I've been up to the last few days so we can all be caught up with my boring life.

Friday - tried on Lanster's pixie sized dresses for Snoop's upcoming wedding.. and no they did not fit so we went for brunch to cheer ourselves up. Got home, went for a long long run - 6 miles, not all at once mind you, but in total. Then I got dressed up and had drinks with friends at Limericks until 1:30 in the morning... fun times!

Saturday - drove to Olds with Amy, Anthony and Brian - decided not to pay $150 for a box of paintballs, drove to Shooting range to play with real guns, the boys got tired of waiting so they went to play pool and I went home - and stayed home... a rarity for me these days.. I even watched a movie in bed! It was called "Across the Universe" and I had heard the soundtrack a billion times at Job #2 so I was attune to the whole 60s vibe that was going on. It turned out to be pretty decent and I even got to sleep early - another rarity for me these days.

Sunday - had to work at Job #2 - and it sucked... I am getting rather tired of it and am very happy that I only have 3 weeks left. After dealing with customers I got home and attempted anther run - it was a dismal failure and I ended up walking half the way but came home to do push ups instead.

Monday - back at Job #1, no Easter Monday holiday for me! Talked to some lenders, chatted with the co-workers.. pretended to be hard at work - no just joking, I actually got a lot accomplished... said goodbye to a co-worker (it was his last day... we are laying off again I guess... thanks to the crappy American economy) then it was home to run again. This time it was awesome, I mean it sucked, I am not a happy runner, but I went hard and fast so I was pleased with myself - plus I did my leg workout first so I was extra proud of myself. Now all hard work deserves a reward so I honed in on the dinner party going on at the Bowman's house (I was running on their treadmill) and ate delicious yummy dinner and had some fun conversation... great times!

Tuesday - still at my desk - doing my best to clean up the stuff in my drawers so my replacement can have an easier go of it... For a company that is more than likely laying me off when I come back from basic I'm far too nice. Tonight is a real treat though, I get to go back to Job #2 and smile to all the silly customers... yeah!

Wednesday - More Tecumseh stuff.. should be fun, I do always enjoy my Wednesday nights - however stressful they are.

Thursday - Back to Tecumseh to help plan the skit they need to do for the Mess Dinner, which I am missing for Snoop's Wedding...

Friday - Podiatrist appointment, followed by Doctor's Appointment.. followed by a long run...

Sat and Sun - CPR qualifications at Tecumseh - I can't seem to get away from that place!

Ok, I'm out of ideas to share. I'll post again soon. Adios!