Monday, April 7, 2008

Days like these

It's days like the one I am having thus far that make me very happy that I only have 10 more working days at Job #1. I really dislike 1/2 of my job - the requisitioning of funds - and lucky for me today I am being bogged down with problems... fun!

What makes it even better is the fact that this morning's run, despite still having trouble walking from Thursday's and Friday's workouts, was AWESOME! Basically it was 1 minute fast run, 1 minute fast walk - repeat x30 minutes. I was dreading this one big time but it turns out that it was pretty fun. I did have my finger on the darn button to change the speed for most of the run, but it went relatively quickly and it wasn't too difficult - unlike Thursday's run which I barely made it through.

Oh, I wanted to say something else about the weekend before I get to engrossed in my workout regime - as I know you all enjoy reading about my running schedule so much! Anyways, Saturday was my last Saturday at job #2. The whole gang was there and it was really quite fun - except for the unbendable legs thing. Saturday night however was the Flames last regular season game and we had a work function at Schanks south to celebrate. I got there at about 8 and the party was well under way. The game itself was awesome to watch as we destroyed the Cannucks 7-1 and our beloved Iggy got his 50th goal!!!! I left around 11:30 and collapsed into bed, ready for last day at job #2

Sunday - Last day at Job #2!!!! I normally hate working Sundays because the whole day is crap. Customers are usually awful, coworkers are no fun, the manager is pretty lame, and I generally spend the day thinking of all of the things I need to get done before Monday comes. This Sunday did not disappoint! It was pretty horrendous - the only saving grace was that one of my regular Saturday girls was working with me on Sunday so I got to chat a bit with her. After I extracted myself from there I popped over to see my Aunt and Grandma. They are always so much fun and they always feed me such yummy dinner that I can never turn down the offer. They did not disappoint.

I guess that just leaves the Junos. It was the first time that I have ever watched them, and really the only reason I did was to see Russell Peters - who doesn't love him? The show wasn't that bad, I thought it was a bit weird that they had a different awards night the evening before and awarded some big name categories, but meh - it went well and I was entertained, what more could I have asked for?


Matt said...

Hey Linda, just wanted to let you know you inspired me to start my own blog.

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