Thursday, April 3, 2008


Every time I go for my weekly Tecumseh meeting, I always leave feeling much more re-assured and relaxed about leaving (23 days). After our evening of training the other JOUTS (Junior Officers) and I all meet up in the wardroom for our social time and just end up chatting until usually around midnight. Last night was no exception and as we had a few new faces in the group it was the perfect time to say hi and get to know them. During the course of conversation Jamie and I learned that in the Basic for Naval Officers there are different "running groups" for the morning PT (physical training). Apparently we are sorted into the "slow" "medium" or "fast" running group so that the kids whose legs aren't sky high (like me) aren't left in the dust or killing themselves to keep up to all the 6'5" guys running next to them. This brings quite a bit of relief to me as I have been rather worried about the running aspect. Not that I am a horrible runner, but I am not uber fast and was scared that I was going to be that girl, in the back... looking like a chump. Now I am pleased that if there are other peeps like me who can go in the medium , or heaven forbid, slow group.

Having said that though I am still training and going faster every time I run. I'll be back at the gym tonight after 3 days off nursing a pulled groin (yikes!) muscle - but I plan on trying a 6.3 on the treadmill adding .1 in speed and a few minutes to time each and every time I run. The day before I leave I am trying to be at at least a 7.0 and up to 50 minutes straight of running plus some sprints (at 10.0) and some hills... wish me luck!

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