Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Ok, so I know it is Tuesday and I should have explained yesterday about the weekends events, but I was busy.. so here it is...

Friday night - was sick, went dress shopping with my mom, went to the gym and had a great workout

Saturday - Had a First Aid course at Tecumseh... spent the entire day being groped (I was the only girl) whilst practising chest compressions... yeah! and trying not to fall asleep as I learned all about first aid techniques. The evening was quite a bit more exciting though. The Lanster and I went to a birthday party for her friend Sam at Japanese Village. I have never been there and it was really something different. The chefs were all hilarious, the food was amazing and the night was just plain fun! I definitely recommend going there for a special night, or just cause it's Tuesday.. it's really that good!

Sunday - more First Aid at Tecumseh.. This time I was trussed up like a goose with splints on my "open fractured leg" and carried around the place on a makeshift stretcher... great times! and then it was home for a crappy run.

Monday - picked up my UNIFORM at the ASU... everything but my tunic fit so I got to take most of my dress gear home. Funny thing is though, my pants fit so snugly that if I do happen to gain one ounce they will not fit at all... yikes!!! Let's hope I go down a size during training. Also when I was playing dress up last night and showing my mom all of my goodies she actually cried when I had the whole outfit on - I think it was the hat. Anyhoo, after work I met Jamie who if you remember from previous posts she is my new MBFF and is coming with to Esquimalt for the training. We met up downtown last night and hit up Stephen Ave for some dress shopping - we found nothing so we went down to Chinook and tried on no less than 20 dresses.. I am not kidding at all.. We did end up at Zara and I did find a very cute dress... I won't tell you what it looks like until I post the pics from the wedding.

Ok, I think that's all for now.. tonight I'm at Job #2 and then Wednesday it's Job #3 - in uniform this time! and Thursday it's time to clean house as the house-sitting peeps come home on Saturday!

Just think.. 24 days left before I go!

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