Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LONG LONG overdue

So.. waaaaay back on the 12th of April (saturday) I had a very busy day. I started the day off very tired as the night before was Jamie's birthday celebration at Murietta's. I got to wear a sparkly dress, mingle with fun people and wish my new MBFF a very Happy Birthday! (pictures to follow).

The next day however I was up bright and early to attend some more Small Party Tasking stuff at the unit. I think it went well - I learned new leadership techniques, got paid for running around in the snow... had lunch with some of the guys (and Jamie) - good times.

After that though it was a race to get showered, get makeuped, do my hair in some sort of fashionable style, find an outfit for the ceremony and race over to the Palliser hotel. I arrived with plenty of time, got to sit in the lobby and look pretty and then got to take part in my very first Iranian Wedding Ceremony. The whole thing was in Farsi - a language I do not know save for a few phrases - but it was easy to understand the jyst of everything. After the amazing ceremony, Nazy looked heavenly by the way, I zipped home again to change for the reception. As the reception itself was to take place at the Palliser (my favourite hotel in Calgary), I needed a costume change. Back on went the dress from the night before (a faux pas I know, but meh... I can't be buying dresses for every day of the week now can I?). I also tried to redo the haior slightly and the makeup so as to be appropriate for the evening's festivites. My "date" (not really a date, but a friend) picked me up and we were off to wish the newlyweds well. Upon our arrival caused a bit of commotion as we descended the steps from the mezanine level to the foyer as my "date" was actually a Naval Officer in full dress uniform - and yes he had the hat with him. We said our hellos to the parents of the bride and to some others who I knew then took our seats for dinner. Dinner and speeches ensued and The whole evening was fun, we schmoozed, drank, and partied it up Persian style.

Later on after desert and dancing we jetted off to join our fellow Naval Comrades at the Mess dinner. When we got there they had been drinking for several hours so it was pretty fun once we arrived. We continued to party there and then it was time for home. My "date" drove me home and I went to bed exhausted, but ready for sunday morning.

So there we go, not a very good run down about Snoop's wedding but I am not doing so well with the writing this week... which I am sure you have all figured out.

K, gotta run and pack.. CIAO!

PS - pics to follow... I didn't take any so I need to steal some from facebook.


GreekCowgirl said...

Haha.. I like the overuse of, 'date'.... ;0)

So today at the gym... SO many people in Camo... ever since your party.. I see camo everywhere!

You're almost gone on your trip to, 'summer camp with guns..' INSANE!!

Linda said...


I can't believe I leave on friday morning... this is getting rather scary....

I think I am in the midst of a meltdown right about now, too many things to pack and too many hasta luegos to say...