Saturday, March 29, 2008

Post Workout High

As I mentioned earlier I am, or rather was feeling quite sick this morning. Not really lay in bed and feel like death sick, but a really crappy cold sick... especially my sinuses. Most people know that I usually do not take a sick day, especially as these days I am taking time off left, right and centre to get all my military stuff taken care of before I take off.

Anyways the point of this post is mainly to tell you all that tonight after a monstrous day at the office, I went dress shopping with my Mom at Chinook. I tried on a few dresses at Zara and Bellisima - the other stores were pretty awful but I was feeling quite happy with what I did find. Sadly my favourite dress (2 sizes smaller than normal!) was $250 and I can't really justify that, so I'll be heading to Winners to see what I can find for a better price. I did see something at Zara, but it was knee length and I think I want floor length as the wedding is at the Palliser and I feel like I should step it up notch in the fashion department. During our shopping escapades we stopped by the food court, my Mom had a snack, I opted to wait until I was home as food court fare normally doe snot jive with my nutrition plan... so as we sat I almost fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion, notice I said almost. We finished up the shopping and set out for home. When I got home I decided that I felt much much better (probably due to the energy drink I had, and the lovely cold drugs that Eleni gave me) and thought I should make sure to hit the gym before bed.. so I went. Probably not the smartest thing to do seeing how I was sick, but I did feel up to it so off I went.

Tonight's workout was lower body plus abs (as always) and a run, longer and faster (as always) than before. The great thing is that I managed to get it all done, and I felt great, and I still feel great... those endorphins are wicked! I think I'll do my sets of push ups and jump into bed though because I have CPR all weekend long at Tecumseh - yeah!

Alright, enough of the update, I've got to go to sleep, or Eleni will scold me... YIKES!

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Anonymous said...

you could always do some investigation to see what length the bridesmaid dresses will be. if they aren't floor length, you could wear a shorter dress without any sort of thought that it should be longer...