Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's been awhile

I guess I am all out of ideas for Book of the Week and therefore forgot to post on Friday - or any day of the weekend... wow, that sucks.

I suppose I should go through what I've been up to the last few days so we can all be caught up with my boring life.

Friday - tried on Lanster's pixie sized dresses for Snoop's upcoming wedding.. and no they did not fit so we went for brunch to cheer ourselves up. Got home, went for a long long run - 6 miles, not all at once mind you, but in total. Then I got dressed up and had drinks with friends at Limericks until 1:30 in the morning... fun times!

Saturday - drove to Olds with Amy, Anthony and Brian - decided not to pay $150 for a box of paintballs, drove to Shooting range to play with real guns, the boys got tired of waiting so they went to play pool and I went home - and stayed home... a rarity for me these days.. I even watched a movie in bed! It was called "Across the Universe" and I had heard the soundtrack a billion times at Job #2 so I was attune to the whole 60s vibe that was going on. It turned out to be pretty decent and I even got to sleep early - another rarity for me these days.

Sunday - had to work at Job #2 - and it sucked... I am getting rather tired of it and am very happy that I only have 3 weeks left. After dealing with customers I got home and attempted anther run - it was a dismal failure and I ended up walking half the way but came home to do push ups instead.

Monday - back at Job #1, no Easter Monday holiday for me! Talked to some lenders, chatted with the co-workers.. pretended to be hard at work - no just joking, I actually got a lot accomplished... said goodbye to a co-worker (it was his last day... we are laying off again I guess... thanks to the crappy American economy) then it was home to run again. This time it was awesome, I mean it sucked, I am not a happy runner, but I went hard and fast so I was pleased with myself - plus I did my leg workout first so I was extra proud of myself. Now all hard work deserves a reward so I honed in on the dinner party going on at the Bowman's house (I was running on their treadmill) and ate delicious yummy dinner and had some fun conversation... great times!

Tuesday - still at my desk - doing my best to clean up the stuff in my drawers so my replacement can have an easier go of it... For a company that is more than likely laying me off when I come back from basic I'm far too nice. Tonight is a real treat though, I get to go back to Job #2 and smile to all the silly customers... yeah!

Wednesday - More Tecumseh stuff.. should be fun, I do always enjoy my Wednesday nights - however stressful they are.

Thursday - Back to Tecumseh to help plan the skit they need to do for the Mess Dinner, which I am missing for Snoop's Wedding...

Friday - Podiatrist appointment, followed by Doctor's Appointment.. followed by a long run...

Sat and Sun - CPR qualifications at Tecumseh - I can't seem to get away from that place!

Ok, I'm out of ideas to share. I'll post again soon. Adios!

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