Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Blues

and by blues I am referring to the hue of my fingers as I type this... My office is very chilly this morning, I've got a sweater and my jacket on and I am still cold, as is the rest of my co-workers so I'm not losing it.

Anyways, onto the weekend update. Friday night was Denise's Birthday party, with a special Jack FM cake. There was a lot of laughing and fun.. as per usual...

Saturday, worked, then went out for another birthday party. This time it was at Schanks and we played Mini Olympics... it was fun, we cheated a lot on the scoring, but the birthday girl was on my team so we were allowed.

Sunday was eat what you want Sunday and I did it up well! First was brunch - bacon and more bacon, plus waffles and a nanaimo bar, then later on I ate some peanut butter oreos and some tea.. plus it was movie day - the rest of the Band of Brothers Ron Livingston Video Diaries and So I Married an Axe Murderer, both were great, of course... After that I had to go to work - again - and had a hamburger (yes with more bacon) for dinner... it was nice, but I was not pleased about working both weekend days. I did some grocery shopping last night after work, then cleaned up the house and packed my stuff up to move back home.

That was my weekend... jam packed as usual.. and now I off to training tonight and hopefully a run after that.. we'll see how tired I am I guess.

Other than that my life is quite monotonous... run, eat, work, eat, work, eat, train, eat, prepare more food for the next day... yeah for me!



Anonymous said...

Oh you Spencer girls and your bacon... I think that's the only thing you have in common haha.

Linda said...

mmm, I wish I had some right now!