Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, thank you!

I am currently playing hooky from Job #2 - although in true Spencer fashion its because I feel like complete garbage. I can handle pain, lots of pain, but when my stomach hurts I turn into a complete baby - hence why Job #2 sent me home. Instead of working I am chillin' with my good cat friend Buddy (I started House-sitting tonight) and trying to unpack 3 weeks of supplies.

In the news department I had another night at Tecumseh. This time I was given an actual tour, complete with my very own helper to explain everything to me - and by everything I mean we went through ranks, security forms, shoe shining, ironing, training schedules, saluting, etc etc etc. It was quite refreshing to actually have someone telling me what was going on and what I need to do next - unlike the recruiting process.... I did however get in trouble for chillin' in the NCM's mess, but in my defense I was invited so it wasn't technically my fault. One guess who got mad at me... yes it was my recruiter - he's so pleasant! The remainder of the evening was spent hanging in my proper mess, aka the Wardroom with my other fellow Junior Officers. It was so nice to socialize and meet the rest of the group who weren't there last week. During the socializing we did however get assigned some homework - yeah! But at least this should be fun, in theory! It turns out we must do a 10-12 minute power-point presentation on whatever country we feel passionately about. 2 guesses which country I think I'll pick...

Oh, I guess I should also give a run down about yesterday morning. I was scheduled for my Expres Test (read Fitness Evaluation) so that meant a 20m shuttle run (aka HELL) which I did pass, in fact I more than passed I made it to the incentive level so I'm good there. Then we did the hand grip test - I did well, I think though I was a bit weaker than I was in January but who cares... I passed. Then it was onto push ups. As the fitness evaluator is lovingly referred to as the Push Ups Nazi and she did her name justice! I made the limit, barely but she did not count several of what was in my opinion fully acceptable push ups! Oh well, it's done and I am glad for it. Sit ups were next, and as I am the sit ups queen I was in my element! I beat everyone there - even with the Nazi counting a few (she is such a stickler for exact technique), but sadly did not make it to my record - I guess that's what Saturday is for!

Expres Test aside and finished I was off to the Clothing Store for my dress uniform fitting. Lucky for me I had a chorus of construction workers there to help me decide which size was the most appropriate, but it all turned out well. In fact during the fitting for my tunic I was trying t find one that fit my arms, but still fit my torso (I didn't want to look like a large box, but rather still keep my figure, somewhat) anyways I asked for a smaller torso size and tried the one given but it was a wee bit tight. My fitter even dared to say "Well, your rather busty so I think we should get a larger size" to which I replied " True enough, but I am wearing a sports bra, so when I wear a normal bra it will be far too small" He smiled and grabbed a different jacket - it was a good size.

After my stop to get my dress uniform I zipped over to the MPs office for my Military ID. Chatted with the guys there for a while, was informed that I should be in Intel and not Logistics and promised to get me in contact with someone who could help me transfer.

All in all, it was quite the productive afternoon. I had to take the day off to get everything accomplished, but it did the trick.

Alright, I am going to bed - maybe if I can muster up enough energy I'll stop by the gym for a run in the morning. Wish me luck!

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