Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sobering Thoughts for a Sunday Afternoon

I promised a recap of Wednesday Evening's events and here it is, but I am tired and can't seem to get a grasp on the ability to formulate proper sentences, so it's in list form.
  1. Came home from CIBC Spring Focus Meeting (very boring)
  2. Did resistance exercises toute seule as I was skipping out on class due to the ceremony
  3. Curled hair, re-did makeup, changed into appropriate swearing in outfit
  4. Ate dinner
  5. Spoke to Rachel on phone cause she was stuck at work and couldn't come to ceremony
  6. Left for Ceremony
  7. Arrived early (as per usual) felt really silly being all dolled up for a military ceremony, met up with Amy, Mom and Anthony - laughed a lot (as per usual)
  8. Met up with Ronnalie, took pictures
  9. Walked into Tecumseh, signed in, felt really silly with an entourage
  10. Met up with MS Morgan (my recruiting officer)
  11. Sat and waited for an hour while the aforementioned MS took his time arranging stuff, also filled in countless forms, the Bowmans also arrived in this hour
  12. Moved into Ward Room, waited for Commanding Officer to arrive
  13. *** FUN PART*** Stood nervously and listened to Lt Commander Shirely speak about the importance of what I was doing, how happy and honoured I should be, how happy he was that I had people there to witness what I was doing (felt better about my posse), and then I repeated my vow to "bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and all her lawful heirs and successors, so help me God"
  14. Breathed a huge sigh of relief as it was a done deal and I was in
  15. Shook hands with Commanding Officer, smiled a lot, thanked him a lot
  16. Took many pictures with posse
  17. Said bye bye to entourage
  18. Was paraded up and down halls meeting people whose names I have no recollection of, smiled a lot again, filled out more paperwork
  19. Met my new NBF (naval best friend), found out that I will be away for much longer than anticipated - going into August now... yikes! as well as learning my Monday nights are much busier, as well as weekends - including Snoops Wedding Weekend....
  20. Had drinks with the rest of the Junior Officers in Ward room until 11:45
  21. Drove home, made chili for the next day's lunch and collapsed into bed
So there we go... the evening's wrap up in a nice tidy list... it was nerve racking, stressful, fun, meaningful and quite the proud moment in this Naval Cadet's career.

Now onto the "Sobering Thoughts" part of my title.
  • I have less than 7 weeks left.
  • I am away for over 3 months,
  • I may not have a job when I come back - so I may elect to take my occupation training directly after my other 3 courses so I won't have to do it next summer... my new NBF is doing it this way....
  • I went to the gym this morning, ran, did some upper body stuff and stretched - didn't feel that my cardio or strength has improved much in the last 9 weeks... especially the push ups!
  • Came home and opened email from Ronnalie, with pictures of the previously recounted evening, decided that my pictures do not reflect my hard work since January - boo-urns! reinforces sad feelings from gym performance
  • Resolved to run tomorrow morning
  • Realized that I have another scary military fitness test Wednesday morning...and then a fun uniform fitting..
  • Realized that I also have another fitness course evaluation on Saturday morning...
  • Realized that I have to go to Tecumseh (Job #3)twice this week... and Job # 2 twice... and I housesit for 3 1/2 weeks starting Thursday
  • Realized that I have no f-ing clue how I will make it through until august... but I will I promise!
K, I gotta clean the house and go to work... and do some pushups...

Swearing allegiance to my favourite Monarch by taking my oath, and yes that is the Bible I am holding.
Ronnalie and I after the Ceremony
With part of my Entourage... doesn't my Mom look happy?


Anonymous said...

YAY FOR YOU LINDA! Congrats on the whole ceremony! WOW, sounded like it was fun. Aaron and Sam and I would have been there if we lived closer! For sure! So you are going to be doing your stuff for three months??? WOW! We will definitely come visit you! Any chance of you coming early so we can see you? We can totally take you to the island....won't cost you a thing! :) Miss you!
Have a great day!

Linda said...

aahhhhhh, thanks!!!! It would have been lovely to have you guys there, you'll just have to come to my basic graduation - I think it is July 12th.. but I'll keep you posted.

As for my travel orders I have no clue yet, I'll seee what I can fanagle and perhaps we can chill before hand!

Unknown said...

Lulu, you look so fantastic and happy :) congrats.

Linda said...

Thanks Snoop!