Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Small Party Tasking

Last night was my first real experience with the Naval Reserve Unit. In preperation for my upcoming IAP / BOTP course we did a practice Small Party Tasking where we set up, planned and executed a search and recovery of "water and rations" that had been supposedly attacked en route to our location. It was a lot of standing around and wondering WTF, but then once we got going, despite the unorganized nature of who used to be my recruiting officer, the plan went off without a hitch. Regardless of how new I was I thought I kept up pretty well, and I think that in April when we do another practice run it will be even better.

After the tasking my new NBF and I went for drinks at Moxies and chatted until late into the night. The great thing was that her and I get along so well and I am so thankful that she is coming on course with me. It makes it much easier to think about knowing that I have a friend there already. We swapped stories about why we joined, what we think about current situations and what we are doing to get ready for "BASIC". In any case it was a great evening and tomorrow night should be fun as well (I hope).

Oh, one more quick thing - tomorrow I have yet another fitness test - shuttle run, push ups, sit ups and hand grip. I know I will pass but I get nervous at the thought of not doing well so make sure you all think strong thought for me at 10 am (Calgary time) tomorrow! After that I get to have a fun uniform fitting and after that a military ID appointment - good times for sure!

Alright, I'm off to my massage - hasta maƱana!


Unknown said...

Hey you
I wanted to know how your fitness test went? you did well I'm sure. So in your last post you said you'll be very busy on weekends, but you're still coming to my wedding right? Did you get the invitation yet?

Linda said...

It went well... passed everything and I don't have to do anything more (besides Basic training) for another 2 years.... Invitation is at my mom's , I'll pick it up tonight and yes, I've been guaranteed that I will be free that evening.. I will be there!