Saturday, March 15, 2008

Final Evaluation

Ok Boys and Girls. Today, apart from being Ronnalie's Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

It also happens to be final evaluation day for the UBC course... all in all I improved in every area. Stretching was not as good as I wanted, but that's okay - Weight was down another 5 lbs.. not bad... waist was down as well - but the area I am most proud of is the pus ups / sit ups part. This time I did 57 push ups and 58 sit ups in a minute (each one). I felt a lot better than my military fitness test on Wednesday, although I did feel slimmer then. I guess it doesn't really matter in the end because no matter what I am getting stronger and I am starting to think that I'll actually make it through Basic.

Now I'm off to celebrate with the UBC crew at Schanks and then off to celebrate the Birthday of the Fabulous Mrs Inglis!

I think I'll treat myself with some M&Ms... I deserve it !

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