Sunday, April 2, 2006

Hot Damn - we're good!

In homage to my fav hockey team - an update on the game last night -

Stickless and still makes the save (25 of them to be exact) - Mikka you are a hockey god!

PS - Kristian Huselius (2 goals in period 2), Daymond Langkow and Andrew Ference (1 goals 1 assist a piece), Regehr and Iggy (1 assist each) you all rule!


Anonymous said...

Booyah indeed. Stupid Edmonton.

Linda said...

I agree - I'm glad that we kicked their ass last night - just a reminder of just WHO is the SUPERIOR TEAM / CITY in this province!

Anonymous said...

I normally don't get to watch Calgary games, seeing as I'm in Canucks country, but I watched some of last nights game. It was nice to see us dominate the weaker team to the north. GO FLAMES GO!

Anonymous said...

As we drove by Rexall Place on sat night, I couldn't help but think of you and wonder how Calgary was doing. But at the same time be thankful that the game wasn't over and that we were not stuck in traffic! I hate traffic! See you tomorrow at work!