Saturday, April 8, 2006

Why I hate people sometimes

I work almsot every saturday - for being a student, this is my punishment. I also work tuesdays and thursday, but that isn't the point of my post for today. My point is that people, in general, are stupid. Now, I think I am allowed to say this because I have to deal with people a lot. Most of you may not understand my rantings - unless of course you work in the eyecare / healthcare industry.
  • First - I hate people who are late for their appointments - furthermore, I really get pissed off if you come to my desk pretending that you aren't late and whenI tell you that you are - you don't apologize. What is wrong with you people - I am not here to wait for you forever and when you do finally arrive you must ASK ME NICELY if you can see the doctor - don't assume that we still have space for you.
  • Second - I hate people who don't say PLEASE when they ask me to do something. I am more than willing to help you, but if you don't say the magic word I say screw off! This is my most hated quality in a person - these people disgust me.
  • Thirdly - people who try to scam me - I have a record of all your purchaes, I know when you were last in , what you bought, who you saw etc - so don't tell me that you were made to pay for something when you didn't and then demand that I discount your purchase that amount.
  • Fourth - People who try to come in as I am closing - or better people who after the doors have been locked, the lights are being turned off, we are all wearing our coats, who try to open the door and peer into the store when we are clearly closed yet uses his cell phone to call us and talk to us through the glass - so he claims he's just picking up contacts - easy stuff - but it turns out it was a lie just to get in - he doesn't have contacts on order - he isn't even a freaking patient of ours - what an ass!
  • Fifth - if you are a contact lens wearer: when you put in your last pair of contacts - does this not signal to you that you need more????? Do NOT call me 2 days before you leave the country for months and ask me desperately to get you some more cls. Then when I apologize (my first mistake) you get upset with me because you left it to the last minute- You are an idiot, you should be meant to pay for your ignorance. This is not my problem!
  • Sixth - If I am helping you find a frame and we have tried on I swear 30 pairs and you say "NO I don't like it" please, please give me something to work with - you don't like WHAT? the colour, the shape, the corners, the arms??????????
  • Seventh - why or why do you think that if you call me late in the day or on a saturday in the afternoon, that I will magically have an appointment for you. When I don't you get all upset and huffy- they are called appointments for a reason. We are not a walk in clinic - make a darn apointment.

I didn't have a bad day at work or anything, but seriously I think that most of the time I am a courteous and nice person and some people I think forget their manners.... I am a stickler for manners (as you can tell)

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