Friday, May 12, 2006

Gotta love ebay

AHHHH, so as per my plans of maxing and relaxing I have motored my way through many of my romance novels (yah yah, I know I should read REAL literature), and I have decided to become addicted to eBay. This way I can complete my collection of Julie Garwood novels (that's right Denise, I'm following in your path and I'm proud of it!).

Currently I am winning on 2 aucitons that would in fact complete my collection, as well as waiting on a delivery for another book in my Julia Quinn collection - wicked!

After this little marathon I think we all know what I will start on next - Outlander of course, that is if I can manage to scrounge up all my copies, I do believe that most of the 6 book series is out on loan - but I'm not complaining. If I can spread to love of Jamie around I'm a happy girl!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey..........julie Garwood rocks!!!! i've had a stressful day today and you just gave me a great idea......i should go read one of my favourite Garwoods!!!

don't should check the used book stores too.....try the one by London Drugs on Heritage.