Friday, November 3, 2006

What the Hell????

My signature colour/ fabric is pink chiffon - apparently this is what Tickle thinks I am - but honestly, can anyone, anyone who knows me see me in pink chiffon - ever? Most days my outfits consist of 60% black - at least! - I hate rainbows and clowns, and with the exception of a strong hatred for non happy endings I am generally a very melancholy person and thus not a pink chiffon person.

Other weird things that happened today - Knickers and Lace should carry more of a selection of undergarments made to be worn under a black (of course) crepe halter top dress. I went shopping on my lunch hour and my first stop was the aforementioned store - very dissapointing indeed. I ended up heading to the mall to La Vie en Rose to buy a black bustier for my dress - my other one is nearing 8 years old and no longer does the job. Now all that needs done are the alterations for my 18 sizes too big dress - monday I think.

Oh, and the radio saga continues - yesterday the topic was how you lost your virginity. All sorts of people called in - some good stories, some very very bad stories...some just plain weird. Why would anyone want to discuss this on the radio is beyond me - I wouldn't.

Now I am settling in for a night of cake baking and a movie - military theme of course - resting up for the gong show that will be tomorrow night - KQ"s party - well, thats all for right now - TGIF!


Anonymous said...


Bubblicious is soooo not your colour.

Heaps Quinney

Linda said...

coudn't have said it better....death to pink!