Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well yesterday I had an appointment about a certain friend I like to call George, or rather a certain friend that I was under the assumption that he existed but, sadly, I am mistaken.....

It all started waay back when I was in Tunisia... everyone got sick, including me, but we all got better - not exactly 100%, but better... anyhoo on my return to Canada I still felt a bit odd, stomach pain, etc etc... so after jokingly blaming my sickness on my newly acquired tunisian parasite friend - George - I finally decided to check it out once and for all...... aaaand low and behold - there is no George - so we're still wondering why I feel like garbage...... however, my test results did show though that I am anemic (ps - that means low on iron for those not in the know)....

Now, I get to take lovely iron pills everyother day - with vitamin c of course..... fantastic!!

In other news, I got another promotion at work - this time to the broker team who are "grooming me" for the law firm later on... not too shabby for a languages major right? At least this time my desk has a window which I can gaze out and dream of better things to do with my time - no, just joking (about the better things to do part, not the window part - that's true!)

Ok my lovelies, I gotta run and finish my damn homework assignment before I start my real job.... yuck! (to the homework, not the job)

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