Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's almost over

KQ and I attended our very last lecture of our painfully boring LAND class... and tonight of course was no exception - buuut, in our defense we did in fact stay until the end of the class - something which you all know has been something of a rarity low these last weeks.

After our quick exit a la fin de classe I made my way home - checked facebook - of course and saw a new map application where I could map out my travels / where I used to live and indicate where I wanted to go in the future - so much fun....

Now, I'm looking at the freakin huge pile of laundry that I did last night, thinking that I need to start ironing... and perhaps clean up a bit around here - it's a bit of a mess....

What else to tell you - oh, saw a house for the second time last night - with the mom and the in-laws - still love it... oh, and lunch today with Denise and Eleni at Sushi Ginza - we didn't eat sushi, but it was very yummy.... I really need more time to visit with Denise - less than an hour is not in any way enough.

K, gotta tackle that pile of clothes.... bon soir!

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree that we never have enough time.....we must make more time to chat!!! :D