Tuesday, June 19, 2007


K, so I'm watching this thing - this Mindfreak show on A&E - and he is walking down the side of the building at the Alladin Hotel in Vegas.... seriously, seriously????

WTF??? - is he really doing this stuff?

Also, he walked through glass.. and performed quite the card trick.... I don't know, I want to believe, but really? really?

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

I want to believe it's real but if it is then why is he called an "illusionist" and not Jesus haha. Either way even if he's faking it, he's good at pulling that off.

Linda said...

Jesus - good one.... I guess the same thing goes for David Blaine right.....

Anonymous said...

Yup even so I can't even begin to imagine how you fake going through a glass window with people on every side of it. Or how you fake smashing a cell phone into a bottle. So I'm going to say it's real haha.

Anonymous said...

hey...honestly, i can't stand the guy but i can't stop watching him either...it's like a train wreck!!

have you seen David Blayne too? i think he's hysterical...he does these little tricks he calls 'street magic' (i think) and the funny thing is he scares the living daylights out of little kids. i think he gets a kick out of it!!!! you should see them runaway from David when he pulls a thread out of his belly button after we see him swallow it. too funny.
but both are illusionists and both have also studied 'human nature' and the way we think. psychology plays a huge part in their shows. i think they also use a lot of 'martial arts' & their philosphies.

personally, i like David Copperfield....he's still 'hot' after all these years. and he's not weird...he's really funny. my mom & dad & sister loved him when they saw him live in Jan.

Linda said...

I just wish that I could somehow figure out how the hell they can do these things.. I'm smart right, I should be able to do this - operative word being should!