Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Monday

Well it's monday - back to work - back to the real world - and to top it all off it's snowing. I don't have anything against the snow - persay - however I now have to lug around a coat, a scarf, a pair of gloves and I must contend with snow in my hair. Speaking of hair - tomorrow is offical sexy sexy hair day. More red, more dark brow, much less blond -I think I will be quite happy with my new hair - most people seem to say they like the red hair - it suits my blue eyes and milk white skin.

The weekend was fun - I did a 2 hour yoga session yesterday - and boy am I paying for it now -hmmmm. Also as the internet wasn't fuuncitonal for the better part of the weekend I was suffering from "not being able to illegally download - itis" and NEEDED to hear a few Jusitn Timberlake songs. How to cure this problem? Go and buy the CD - it has been like 5 years (save for France) since I have purchased a CD - but it payed off, I got to hear the song I wanted to immediately and it was cheap - only $12.99 at BestBuy. In fact I love it so much I am listening to it right now on my iPod.

Also, Heather came home, which is always nice. I seem to get lonely sometimes when she leaves - but now I am leaving to go housesitting for almost 3 weeks - what the heck? At least I can blast my new song - cause Heather seems to have a small aversion to it.

Oh, almost forgot I had a fabulous shopping tip to Ikea - bought some new rugs and curtains and a grater. Oh, how I love Ikea. What else? Oh, Friday Night Feasts at Sunterra are uber yummy and I had a lovely time entertaining people friday night whilst eating the aforementioned (just for you KQ) feast.

Anyone to join me next friday?


Heather said...

I hate lugging around shit too... But mine is company uniform winter coats. In abbotsford. Where it's 14 degrees. It's just that it was MINUS 14 when I left calgary today, thus needing the coat. Crap.

Hows the hair??

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda,
I will never get sick of that word.

Linda said...

Heather - we need to figure out a way to pack for all seasons in your tiny little bag...

Linda said...

KQ- I will never get sick of YOU - you are way too adorable! Now when I write that word I will always think of you my dear.