Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Damn gloves

I think I may have over did it....

So last week I invested pair of really neat body shop scrubby gloves for the shower - to exfoliate - and thus every time I am in the aforementioned shower I scrub so as to be all nice and shiny and soft all over. Tonight however I may have over done it. I scrubbed really really hard and now I am very dehydrated, and my skin feels about 2 sizes too small. HMMMMM, not so good. Now I'll admit I think I went over board on the scrubbing, oh let's face it, I often go overboard on most things, but I am itchy and I hate that I must lotion my whole friggin body, or else deal with it all night - and in my new improved bed.

Now why I am telling you all of this I ask you? no idea, but I'll thought I should share. I think I need a drink.

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