Monday, October 23, 2006

The weekend

Well its monday - hmmm. I can't quite believe that I am already sitting at my desk waiting for the clock to strike 8:30 but here I am. Onto the recap.... Friday was a relaxing evening...complete with PJs at 6:00 pm, vietnamese food and some fun tv (I forgot what TV was liek before 10pm), but oddly enoguh I didn't get to bed until midnight! Why? I have no clue, all the sudden it was 11:45 and I scrambled to wash my face, brush my teeth and jump into bed.

Saturday was also quite nice - not as relaxing, but really fun. It started out with work - (job#2) - and then a trip to my aunt's house for a very belated birthday dinner for my 2 sisters and I - it turned out to be quite the reunion, my grandma was there ( the coolest 92 year old I know!) and my cousin Kody (also very cool), my two sisters and their beaus, my uncle and my aunt's friend Bev. All in all we sat, ate and laughed until we almost died - I had forgotten just how hilarious my aunt is - plus the dialogue between my cousin and grandma was really quite priceless, there's nothing quite like a 92 year old grandma type zinging her 30 something grandson like someone half her age - no make that a quarter of her age! Back at home saturday night and I went to bed earlyish (for me) which means 11:00 pm!

Sunday was pretty great as well. I slept late - had a nice breakfast, went grocery shopping for cupcake supplies (cake class tonight) and baked some chicken for lunches this week. Then Mr. B (my favorite handyman) came over and I finally got my curtains hung for the living rom (after 4 months!) and they look wonderful! Bravo Mr. B on your handyman skills! Afterwards we celebrated hte birthday of the aforementioned handyman by going out for chinese food at the Imperial Garden restaurant - yummy! To wrap up the evening Desperate Housewives was new and I watched whilst icing my freshly baked cupcakes. This season seems better than last, but I still vehemently disliek Edie Britt - she is ruthless and horrible - I hope she meets with an unfortunate accident sometime soon in the show -she sucks!

One last thing to wra up this post - my beautiful yellow ribbon on my car was stolen last week and I am still mad about it. Tomorrow I shall have to go to the base and pick up a new one - this will be #3 for those of you who are keeping track!

Happy Monday to all - catch ya later!

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