Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fin de semaine d'action de grâces

What a weekend. Friday I loaded up on meat (jerkey and yummy sausages) with Ronnalie and then we watched Sliding Doors (an old obscure Gweneth movie)....very fun

Saturday was more work - quite boring, with laundry and Legally Blonde 2 in the evening.

Sunday was a) Starbucks to see Heather and get a lovely coffee, then wicked fun Dim Sum and a walk around chinatown with Ronnalie (what can I say, she's too fun for jsut one day) followed by a trip to Costco - note to self, never ever go the sunday before thanksgiving, it was wickely busy. Later on that evening I finished the aforementioned laundry, watched Desperate Housewives, took the best shower ever (at the hosuesitting house, they have a huge rain shower head, ahhhhhh)

Monday, more Starbucks (in preparation for the spectacular dinner I was about to make) and then cooking cooking and more cooking. In the end I made a bacon wrapped 15 lb turkey on the BBQ, a green bean casserole (I created the recipe), glazed carrotts, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce (okay it was canned) and mashed potatoes - well I had lots of help from Cam, so props to him for the stuffing and potatoes.... Then we feasted, and it was a feast... in addition to all that food my mom brought the sweet potatoes - mmmmmm - and Cam's mom made pumpkin pie cheesecake - delicious! Afterwards I cleaned out my car and brought all sorts of goodies into the apartment - much to Heather's chargrin. in fact I was going through my grandfather's WWII stuff and trying on all his uniform parts as Heather sat on the couch and watched me like I was a lunatic - but meh, it was fun!

AHHHHHH, today I am still quite full despite my walks yesterdaay but happily I tried on my "skinny" pants that I bought in Avignon when I was in France a few years ago and hooray for me - they fit - even after that gigantic wekeend of eating.

Tonight brings job # 2 and a clean up of my messy messy room, then tomorrow I have Yoga / Pilates and dancing - thursday is Ionic detox session #3 and Blood donation - won't the lucky person who gets my blood be happy that I detoxed just for them! and friday - nothing, so far, thank god, I am a wee bit booked these days!


Anonymous said...

That's quite a busy weekend, makes my do nothing, except for school work and one dinner, weekend sound like a breeze, oh wait it was.

Linda said...

I envy you, but at least I have turkey leftovers hahahaha - no wait you are the chef, you can easily make your own turkey dinner.

Heather said...

You spell carrotts like I do... french and english combo. AND for a second I thought the skinny pants were meaning tapered like the NEW skinny pants, but then I remembered. Too bad I didnèt get any leftovers!

Linda said...

ahh Heather, I'll make you a turkey dinner sometime, maybe sunday when you get home?