Sunday, October 29, 2006

Toga Toga!

As I write this I am looking out the window with a look crossed between horror and glee - it is the first snowfall of the season afterall regardless of the fact that I do not yet own a snow brush for my car. Also, I was kindly reminded after I was woken up a few minutes ago that in fact I had forgotten to turn back my clocks - wicked! There is nothing else like the joy one feels when they realize it is not in fact 12: 30 in the afternoon on a sunday (thus shortening their weekend) but in reality it is actually 11:30 am! Ahh, so now I don't feel like a huge lazy person laying in bed contemplating if i should actually venture out and do my laundry. I think I should - it is important!

Anyhoo, weekend thus far has been quite fun. Friday night was really great. Denise and I went to see The Queen at the Globe theatre. It was a great movie, certain characters seemed a bit flawed (Cherie Blair for one, she couldn't seem to sit like a lady......tsk tsk) but all in all I think Denise and I were pleased. Although I did turn into a cry baby for most of the movie. Honestly it was like I was reliving all the emotions I had when Diana died. I know, I know, I am a loser, but I really liked her, she was a lovely person and as much as I love the Queen, she wasn't all that nice to Diana. Anyhoo, yes the movie was really good. In the end I think it gave whomever has seen it / will se it a better perspective to both HRH the Queen and Tony Blair, funny enough though both of their respective spouses didn't fair nearly as well - they came off as both ignorant and annoying.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to pick up miss KQ and off to school we went. It was a day of learning about mud - and the importance of it to the drilling industry. Coincidently my grandfather was quite influencial in the world of mud so that made it a bit more fun. After all the mud talk we learned lots about how one actually searches, drills and then get the oil out of the ground and Miss KQ proved to be pleathora of information in the field of geology - hats off to KQ! Then we got a tour of the plant / rig at the SAIT campus - very interesting.

Saturday night was a bit of a blur as I raced across the city to pick up the toga cum bed sheet that Cam and I absconded with when we had our toga party in Corfu. Having picked it up I raced home to air it out, have a shower, curl my hair, have dinner, do my goddess makeup and attempt to put on the toga. Now, I know how to tie a toga, and I've done it before, but it is very difficult to make it lay flat and not all bulgy around the curvy bits. In the end I had to go to Rachel's to do it and after Mr. Rob Zombie was decked out with his makeup and fellow goddess Artemis Rachel was in her own toga and goddess makeup we were off. A bit late in the end but nevertheless we made it. The party was really quite fun - the costumes were great - a halloween bag lady (wearing a cape decorated with bags ful of candy!), Borat, a 50's dance girl, Charlie Chaplin (which for some reason I was certain was a mime?!?!), and Irish dude, a 70's coach in a plaid suit, a padded Superman, a rock climbing guy, a 1/2 pimp 1/2 hooker, a vampire girl, and mt fav - a guy in jeans and a t-shirt with a green hart hard on that had long pieces of orange streamer coming off of it. After much debate the 3 of us decided that he was in fact an octopus - he had suckers drawn on his streamers, eyes on his hart hat and a "tatoo" on his arm that read "I R Octopus" and later added a sign to his chest that read "I am a M F OCTOPUS" Priceless..... Oh, and I was hit on by a lawyer type from Prince George dressed as a very revealing caveman, who may be moving to calgary to work for a firm in town, and who coincidently is haivng a toga party in january which we are invited to - awesome, another event that I can attend in a bedsheet. In any case I spent the evening being plied with drink after drink offer which I declined (as I was driving), but instead accepted his offer of San Pelegrino water and had a very interesting conversation where he called he Spence all night - weird, very weird.


Unknown said...

Pride and Prejudice??? did you know thats only MY FAVORITE movie ever? which version did you get? I love love love the one with Colin Firth.

Linda said...

it is indeed the one with Colin Firth, in fact it is the 10th anniversary edition with Colin Firth!