Friday, July 20, 2007

The Return

Aha I am back.... yeah, I know I suck, I have been quite lazy this last month. Not sure why, but not to fear, I am back and ready to entertain.

I suppose I should update you a bit, not too much to note, I quite Job #2 finally.... it had been a long time coming - I hadn't been to pleased with my environment, in addition to the fact that every saturday I awoke with a groan and seriously decided calling in sick...not my style to say the least, so I would go in purely to visit with my friends. Sooooo, in true Spencer style I quit, tomorrow being the last day, and have decided to perhaps give the reserves another shot. I mean , if I have been thinking about it every day for 8 years - maybe I should do something about it when I am still young enough and have spare time to kill - as we all know how bored I can get.

I had a great meeting with one of the recruiters at the Harry Hays Building and to be quite honest, I felt so enthused after my chat, now all that is left is to go wild at the gym for a good month and take my tests.. easy as pie!

What else... ummm, well my move to broker team isn't as fun as I thought it would be - I don't really work with anyone my age - save for Katherine, and she is great - but the others are older, always warm, and go out about 15 times a day to smoke... not to mention they use me as a secretary even though I might have more education than all of them combined... but whose keeping score?

Oh, I just remembered......I am completely addicted to a show called The Unit - again in true Spencer style it is military, special forces military, but it also has a family component - the wives... so in order to fuel my addiction I watched the whole first season in about 2 days... I am a freak, but I love it - and I desperately cannot wait until the second comes out (25 september) or the third one starts (also this fall)... In the meantime I am stuck watching the few choice episodes that CBS runs not on their regular night of tuesday, but rather saturday - which really quite messes me up... I am usually home tuesday nights, but almost never home saturday nights.... oh dear, what is a girl to do?

In any case, that will have to hold you all for the time being.... I'm off to clean the house....

Oh, oh, one more thing... my fav little person stopped by on tuesday night for a sleepover - accompanied of course by mom and dad - Cynthia and Aaron... it was great - thanks again for the visit....

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