Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A connection at last!

I've been stuck on base for the last few weeks and haven't had any decent access (besides at work of course) to a reliable internet connection, or a decent Starbucks for that matter.  Being stuck though means that I haven't had the chance to post - until now.  Luckily, I ran into a friend in the hall who mentioned he found a connection to use - yay!  

The countdown has run its course, my post it note on my desk reads "1", this of course can only mean that my time in Borden is almost finished, my last day is on friday and then I'm off to Ottawa.  Pete has already found a nice apartment for us to live in while our home is being built.  To date we have a blow up mattress, a yoga mat, some dishes and a frying pan and pot - very minimalist.    Since I began my military career, I've moved around a bit and consequently have tried to pare down my belongings, carting around things that I don't have much of a need for it tiresome.   I've succeeded somewhat in riding myself of extra bits, but on my last trip home I went through my pile of belongings and realized that I still have a great deal of "stuff".  The sad thing is that most of it will remain in Calgary until we do have the house and can actually accommodate all the furniture that I've acquired.   Until then we are trying to be minimal in our purchases but some things are pretty essential.  A bed for one, was needed - neither one of us had anything close to a bed since we've been in military accommodations, and luckily Pete was able to come down for the weekend and we managed to find a bed and mattress.  It should be delivered on saturday, just in time for my arrival ;)

Next up, a table - this one really fills two billets, a desk and a place to eat dinner.  Ikea has a few inexpensive options that will transition into the house nicely.  Secondly, a couch would be lovely.  I know I have living room furniture in Calgary but we can't survive a whole year without somewhere comfortable to sit (and guests to sleep on).  And finally, a dresser - again, I have one in Calgary, but the house has more than one bedroom and it too can be used once we move from the apartment - Ikea has a few options to fit the bill.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, thank goodness for Ikea!  I should look into stock options for that company, heck, why don't I get a job there... blue and yellow really bring out my eyes ;)

In other news, what's up with this "lake effect" weather I ask you!?!?!?  Since Sunday afternoon, we've had almost a metre of snow - walking to work, albeit only a short jaunt in nice weather, has recently turned ugly. I stepped out of my building this morning and sank past my thighs into the snow drift - fun! Walking in that kind of snow is exhausting - but hey, it's a good workout.  I've been told though that apparently we are due for at least a good 40cm more tonight / tomorrow and then another storm on the weekend. At least is isn't -40, that would be heinous.

Alright, it's time to sign off, must get ready for another fun day with the recruits - Ciao!

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