Friday, May 6, 2011

Four things Friday

1. I desperately want a bike so that I can bike the canal all the way to Parliament and see the Tulips, Kath bikes all the time and rarely uses her car… I'm jealous - plus the price of gas is terrible these days….

2. I miss my friends in Calgary terribly… email is nice, Skype is better but they both pale in comparison to visiting face to face - and tea o'clock is beyond fantastic when you can share it with some pretty fantastic people.

3.  More on #2, my next visit to Calgary (7 July!) will be epic… It's Pete's first Stampede, my first in 3 years (Yahoo!), and the last time I'll be in town until next year… Newborns + a new house = Linda has to stay in Ottawa for a bit.

4. This is my first summer since 2007 where I won’t be elsewhere training… I was in Victoria in 2008 and Quebec City for 2009 & 2010 - I will forever miss the 400 stairs up to the plains of Abraham… perhaps I'll roadtrip it up and see some friends that will be there for a few weeks.


kristen said...

Are they expanding the Bixi system in Ottawa? You could check that out...

Linda said...

They just announced that they are, yay!