Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At my wit's end

I know I shouldn't compare to other moms and other babies but after my round of visits in Calgary and Ottawa I've come to the conclusion that my baby is not nearly the same as anyone else's and it really has me down today.

Will is super cute and adorable - we often joke (in the throws of the dreaded colic) that if he wasn't so darn cute, we would have left him out on the doorstep.  But adorable as he may be, my days are so LONG and so exhausting that I really am having a hard time keeping it together today.  The thought that keeps running through my mind is as follows:

  • Most of my friends had:
    • easier deliveries; and
    • easier recoveries, 
  • and their babies:
    • cry a bit; 
    • fuss a bit;
    • eat well;
    • easily gain lots of weight; and
    • sleep easily.  
Will on the other hand does NONE of these things.

My delivery was horrendous, my recovery was crap, Will had colic for more than 4 months, he did not take to feeding easily, his weight gain has slowed down, he will not be put down without screaming, it takes FOREVER to get him to go to sleep and when he does, it is a whopping 20 and for the last 2 months he will not sleep through the night.

Sometimes I feel like I've got it all wrong - fingers crossed tomorrow is a bit better.


Heather said...

I think we all compare our babies to others. I have a friend who had a way faster delivery, she recovered well, she is juggling two kids amazingly, she is thinner than she was before she got pregnant, and her baby sleeps SO much and so easily. I am constantly wishing that I had it like her. But then I realize we are all different, and are only going to learn and grow from our challenges. Yes, I feel like you deserve a break, but you will learn and you will be more competent in the end. If and when you have another, you will feel like you are on vacation. And if for some reason you are challenged again, you will be ready for it! Hang in there! (ps Zoey definitely doesn't sleep through the night.)

Linda said...

Thanks Heather... Last week was tough - just a lot of silliness that added up to a mini meltdown on my part. This week (although it is only Monday morning) has already been 1000x better.
If we do happen to give Will a sister or brother, I hope to heck that he/she is easier, and if not - like you said - I'll be much better prepared.

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