Wednesday, March 7, 2007

15 minutes

Ughh, KQ and I just finished our ridiculous 15 minute session of studying for our joke of a midterm tomorrow night - honestly, we couldn't care less about this damn test, everything associated with this program is so pointless, but nevertheless, we do have to quickly skim the pages......

Anyhoo, what is with Fergie and all her "spelling" - has any one else noticed? She seems to have some kind of affinity for singing songs with all sorts of spelling in them, well at least we know she's literate, right?

What else to tell you all..... Almost missed my doctors appointment today - I even had it in my outlook calendar and honestly, if you know me, you know that I am NEVER late - ever! However, my appointment was for 11:50, at 12:10 I finally looked up and realized what time it was and promptly ran out of the office. Luckily I have the nicest doctor ever and he was happy to see me, after a few jokes about him missing lunch and thus starving all afternoon due to my lateness... funny stuf I tell you....

Oh, went to have my taxes done before I left, everything went well except for the part where I didn't get all my money back..... damn government - el scamo mucho el gobierno..... no me gusta nada de estas cosas, mierda! But I did get most of it back - meh, I suppose I have to be an adult at some point in time..... Also, I had a super long and fun coffee with my little sis Amy tonight, and I really did forget how much I do like to hang out with her, she's really quite hilarious.......more coffee dates to come!

K, I gotta finish my 15 minutes of studying and go to bed, I am beat - yuck!

I'll write tomorrow to tell you how the test went, cross our fingers for us!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! have you noticed that most of Fergie's songs only consist of a max of 6 words which she repeats over & over & over & over & over again?!?!?! i think she sings the word 'glamorous' 72 times in her latest song...maybe she needs a new songwriter to help her out with her lyrics.

good luck with the midterm.... D