Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm baaaack

Well Heeeeelllllooooooo, la la la!!!!!!!

I'm back, it seems like just yesterday I left, but it also seems that I haven't been home in ages... weird, but I guess if you come back from vacation and are barely able to remember the stresses of everyday life - it was good.

So many patients, so many glasses, I'm telling you, I have never worked so hard, or so fast in my life - but I am so happy I went. It was honestly the best experience I have ever had - I highly recommend it to everyone, and I do think I am going a return trip to Morroco in 2009!

In any case, I stopped taking pictures because my new hubby (long story) takes such lovely pictures I thought to get copies of his......sooooo, my pics suck - the ones I do have, and for the time being until I get some more these will have to do!

Nameera, Shainul & Martin

In Chebika

Serge & I in El Jem

Patrice & Shainul - El Jem

Anjum & Nameera - El Jem

Martin & Julie - El Jem

Amir - my camel (on the right)

Julie & I - El Jem

Carlos - Driving in a Cal├Ęche through the desert in Nefta

In front of the Bourgiba Mausoleum - Monastir


Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!! You're just in time for colder weather to come back!

Anonymous said...

Hey...just saw the pics....i'm so jealous!!! good to have you back. chat with you soon. D

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home safe and sound Linda! I missed reading your blog! Sam is getting bigger and bigger. My shirts are getting shorter and shorter. I hope your trip was fantastic! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!