Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hasta Luego 2006

So that's it, only 2 hours to go, and what a years it has been. Loads of good things, loads of bad things, and amazingly I am still here.

As a quick recap lets go over the good - the bad are too depressing -

I started the year out with a trip to Europe (my annual). I visited with many goood friends, shopped, almost died of pneumonia (not really), visited Scotland, stayed in very posh hotels, took the chunnel train, revisited my old stomping grounds of Valence, and saw the sights - a good trip indeed. Then it was graduation time and I bid Adieu to good old Scam U - that was bloody brillant! Afterwards I bought a car, rented my first apartment, shopped at Ikea A LOT, got a new job, made some new friends, turned 25 (great party), started my land admin courses, and voila - that is it folks.

Let's hope 2007 is actually better than this year.

In other news to round off my year end movie a thon, today was Last Holiday, which was uplifting and cute, and just now Closer, which was horrid and depressing, I do not recommend it at all. A truly awful movie I say.

PS - my brekkie this a.m. was fantastic, I do highly recommend that recipe, I might even have it again tomorrow.


megs said...

Happy New Year Linda!

Linda said...

Happy New Year to you as well!