Sunday, December 10, 2006

Where to start...

Wow, I have had quite the weekend.
Friday night I arrived at Denise's with a delicious bag of vietnamese...mmmmm...and we started our marathon of The Bucaneers....another 5 hour long BBC video. It was good, not the best we've seen, but quite good. During our marathon movie we got down to work creating 55 different christmas bags for all her piano students......tying yoyo strings, curling endless ribbons, fun stuff! I made it home just shy of 1 am, jumped into bed and had a lovely sleep.

Saturday was fun, work was okay, nothing to note, except that for the last hour and a half I seemed to chat non stop, Rachel stopped by....we planned numerous parties for over the holida y season, games nights and the like....very good - also Miss Cynthia stopped by for our sleepover weekend! After work, we raced home, raced to Chinook - parked in between two huge trucks, good thing I have a teeny little car!, met with Jackie, ate yummy food, shopped at my favourite expensive (as in Ikea isn't in this category...) store- The Bombay Company.... and caught the early show of The Holiday. It was great, such a cute movie, At parts I could really connect with the character played by Kate Winslet (Iris) and of course now have a new crush on Jude Law and Jack Black.....such lovely boys! Afterwards more shopping, this time prego clothes - so cute! and home for a yummy snack of Minces aux Legumes, brie, and activia, plus a hilarious conversation with Heather after she got home from her christmas party - soooo funny!

Bright and early sunday morning Cynthia and I zipped down to Ikea for some $1 breakfast and some more shopping, and you would all be proud of me, I only bought one basket......yeah for me! But I did feel sooo sad that I left all sorts of great things behind...sniff sniff...... Then we headed for Westhills and some more shopping, a coffee and off to Gale's for our serving debut at her annual open house. We basically felt like servants, taking coats, passing around hors d'oeuvres, cleaning up blah blah blah, we made nice money, but I am not a fan of serving fancy types and feeling like an idiot, thank goodness Cynthia was there to chat away the 4 hours - really, thank goodness..... and alas the Cynthia and Linda weekend of fun is over, she is on her way back to the hat, and I am off to games night at the Bowman's..... have a good sunday!


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