Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A nice change

I am getting quite creeped out by this traffic business these past 2 days. It seems like there is no one on the road, seriously - before work traffic is excellent, after work when 14th is a gong show and crowchild is a huge mess...there is no one, I almost never have to brake. This is very very weird. Something is going on, but honestly I am just going to hope and pray that it continues.

In other news I love this weather....tomorrow is +2, thursday +11, friday +10, saturday +9...despite the slush and dirt, I am soooo pleased, a welcome change from the near -40 degree temps we have been experiencing lately.

Keep it up weather, keep it up!

One more quick thing...I am just watching ET Canada and I would have thought that honestly they would have got this right, but they just announced that Nickelback - those west coast boys...win big in Vegas...WEST COAST??????? WTF, aren't they from HANNA ALBERTA? Last time I checked we are NOT sporting a coastline....ridiculous!

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