Thursday, September 13, 2007

Birthday Pics

So I finally got my pictures from my birthday - I'll write a synopsis later, but I thought I'd give you something to peek at in the meantime.
Mr. William Cornelius Van Horne - President of CPR
Me and my little sister Amy

Mrs. B and Amy

Me and Amy - such loving sisters

Eleni, Me, My Mom, Mrs. B and Rachel walking through one of the wings

Rachel, Rob, Eleni and I outside and the terrace

My Mom and Amy - crazy girls!

Ladies and Gentleman- I give you my little sister, the Gargoyle

My Mom's Bday in Banff - believe it or not we are in the ladies room...

Me and my Mom also in the Ladies room - Happy Birthday Mom!!


Anonymous said...

We should have got Amy to climb up with Van Horne, it would have been right up her alley!

Anonymous said...

So yeah, I totally love your red purse Linda! Lucky. Anyways, I did get myself a bright pink purse that is pretty cool!! Miss you loads!