Monday, October 15, 2007

It's been a while....

So, I've been quite the lazy girl these days - but hopefully things have changed a wee bit and I'll have something interesting to write about for you all....

Had coffee with Colleen on sat morning - one of my last free sat mornings.. and it was so nice. We hadn't seen each other in months - since january I think - and it was great to catch up, hear the wedding news and just chill with a good friend.

Friday evening was another installment of Ronnalie and Linda's night of relaxation. We made a yummy dinner (with an inordinate amount of leftovers) and watched some tv and a movie... great times!

Thursday, I'm not sure I did much thursday night... awesome!

Wednesday -Meeting for St. Andrews, got to watch a great film on Eiburgh... I'm such a geek!

Tuesday - Nothing is on my calendar - I am amazed!

Monday - Thanksgiving day, I spent this cleaning house and moving house... ahhh to housesit!

Sunday - Thanksgiving dinner at Eleni's house... mmmmm... with some fun twists, like feta and olives, and cabbage rolls - and my famous Cranberry Pudding ... those greeks always make a yummy meal!! plus we got to play taboo, and I think we all know how much I like board games!!!

Saturday - The wedding of Nick and Lisa... so nice, and they both looked lovely, and it was a nice evening. Sadly I wasn't in the mood for socializing so I did leave a bit early.. I think we all know why...

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