Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Perhaps... Perhaps... Perhaps / The Revenge of the Lanster

What do I mean you say?

Well... what I mean is that I am hopelessly addicted to the funniest british comedy show... it is absolutely ridiculous... and Lani is the one who got me hooked - damn her - but not really 'cause I am really glad she turned me onto Coupling... Oh - By the way that is what it is called - Coupling.

I've been able to find it on the net thus far but the aforementioned (that one's for you KQ) Lanster conveniently owns the series on DVD. Honestly though - it is funny.. kinda like a british friends, but a bit more ridiculous - and I think we all know how much I like:

a) Ridiculousness
c) British Humour

Jeff might be the best thing ever, but Steve isn't too bad in his own right - and for Patrick, well he's Patrick. The girls are just as good, Jane with her unbelievable self-involvedness, Sally with her fear of aging, and Susan - she's great.

I just might be at the height if my obsession -cause I'm planning a way to get in an episode before I have to go out tonight.. wow, this can't be good.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, Jeff is not present in the final will miss him a lot once you get there.
and when you were talking about patrick...i believe you meant to say "as for Patrick, well he's a tripod".

but yes, great show.

Linda said...

Yeah Lanster told me that.. I'm getting really really anxious about not seeing him..... and as for Patrick - well I believe you are right!

Anonymous said...

Might I also suggest 'Spaced' a series by Simon Pegg, the guy who made Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It's from the late nineties, but very good nonetheless and on ShowCase Sunday nights at either 10 or 11pm.