Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update

Ah monday - whata day... can we all tell that I am uber pleased to be back at work??? But, I shall change my mood around and reflect on the weekend events. Friday was a write off, I was out of the house and working all day thus nothing fun happened. And, really after the excitement of seeing Diana Gabaldon - well nothing can compare!

Right, back to the weekend... Saturday was busy again - working during the day and then off to Denise's for a night of girl movies (aka 10 hour long BBC mini series) and junk food. Always a great time, always a long night - but I always go home happy and talked out. Denise and I seem to have this thing where we can talk for hours on end - it's just fantastic! I remember when I flew home from France for the week to surprise people and then returned to Paris with Denise for a week long trip - we took in Paris, Brussels, Ghent, Brugge and Antwerp - and really we had the best time ever. I think I need to go back ... yikes, I'm off topic again...

Saturday night, ate vietnamese, watched the end of Berkely Square, got home around 2 am and fell into bed. Sunday I woke up late of course - and cleaned up a bit, made myself some yummy french toast - I friggin' love french toast - and sort of hung around cleaning, organizing - watching Good Eats - and a new show - In Search of Perfection with Heston Blumenthal.. a cool scientific sort of cooking show... basically the theme tune is addictive and I like Science so ther ya go.

Ok - that's about it for now... Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad we were able to hang out and i had a fabulous time also!! i will now begin the search for our next girl movie... :)